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3d action adventure. Developer playground: [ ], Forum: [,24416.0.html ], GitHub: [ ]



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Colibrios - Everything of my own

ColibriosA trial for an OS. CallyAn RPC like software. Client ServerSome examples of client/server implementation QtSome Qt trials StreamMPEG2 stream parsers. Copyright@ Luc Fourestier 2010 :

Cal3d-actionscript - ActionScript 3.0 port of the cal3d skeletal Animation library

This is a quick and dirty port of the Cal3D skeletal animation library I put together over winter break (originally in C++.) This is very much a work-in-progress. Part of the motivation of this is purely academic; I am aware that the excellent papervision3D team is working on skeletal animation support via Collada models. Speed wise this leaves much to be desired; hopefully it can be improved in future revisions. The library makes use of Polygonal Labs Data Structures, available at: http://lab.p

Eureca - Call server side functions (php, .net, python ...) from javascript

EUReCa (Easy Unobstructive Remote Call)is a library that allows you to call server side functions from javascript EUReCa generates a lightweight jquery plugin on the fly allowing you to call php or functions as javascript functions. right now, it is implemented for PHP and ASP.Net but can be extended to all server side programing languages. a first alpha release is available : it allows you to have a preview of some future versions features Check the example Current releaseEuReCa is stil

callis - Intranet Callis

Intranet Callis

Heramd - our programm)

%{ enum {r0=0, r1=1, r2=2, r3=3, r4=4, r5=5, r6=6, r7=7, r8=8, r9=9, r10=10, r11=11, r12=12, r13=13, FP=14, SP=15}; #include "c.h" #define NODEPTR_TYPE Node #define OP_LABEL(p) ((p)->op) #define LEFT_CHILD(p) ((p)->kids0) #define RIGHT_CHILD(p) ((p)->kids1) #define STATE_LABEL(p) ((p)->x.state) static void address(Symbol, Symbol, long); static void blkfetch(int, int, int, int); static void blkloop(int, int, int, int, int, int); static void blkstore(int, int, int, int); static void defaddress(Sym

gdt - General Data Types(GDT) serializing and remote procedute calliing system.

General Data Types(GDT) serializing and remote procedute calliing system.


A simple lightweight conky-like interactive calendar


Start a simple web server from the current directory on a given port.