perl module

  •        0 is an abstraction around the unix cal program written as a perl class. It seeks to provide perl programmers with an object oriented interface to the cal program.



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Mhe3-staffpm - Staff project and performance management system

StaffPM is a wicket based application encompassing many open source frameworks to provide a platform for organisations to record projects, tasks and the performance of their employees. Many companies give little thought to staff performance reviews and their impact on the productivity and drive they can provide to staff. StaffPM allows users to track their projects and their progress within them. Combining a clean, fast interface for capturing and organising tasks, StaffPM allows staff members t

Honeycomb-todo-list - A todo list for android smart phones and tablets.

A simple todo list tool which is capable of Design philosophy: simple, fun, and efficient 1. import tasks from user's calendar(google calendar) Hui will be studying the API and implementing this feature. Send http request and expect response in JSON format. 2. send proper notification for tasks with due date ex. go to DMV at 3pm (a notification would be sent 1 hr before) the time which notification is sent is customizable notification can be an alert on screen, a sound, a flash light, vibration,

Authnet-report - php reporting class for has a lacking set of reporting for processed credit card charges. Further, charges are not linked to batches. This project makes accounting for your charges easily. FeaturesSeparates batches into Visa/MC/Discover and Amex. This is how they post to your checkbook, so that's how we list them. This way the numbers line up nicely. Groups each week's numbers and lets you know how much your credit card sales are. We use this internally to keep an eye on sales progress, so I

Django-swingtime - Scheduling and calendar app

django-swingtimeDescriptionSwingtime is a Django application similar to a stripped down version of iCal for Mac OS X or Google Calendar. Swingtime provides an Event model that acts as a metadata container for one or more Occurrence objects, which in turn describe start and end times for a specific occurrence of an event. Swingtime relies heavily upon both the datetime standard library package and the dateutil package, featuring direct support for the dateutil.rrule interface to create occurrence

Timecalc2 - Time Calculator

Allows a user to calculate a simple timespan. Problem: I record the start and finish times for a job in my calendar. However, my calendar does not tell me how long a calendar item is. If my job starts at 8pm and ends at 3:30am, then I have to work out in my head how long this is - at 3:30am this is not what I want to do. Solution: A very simple application which allows you to calculate the timespan between a start time and end time from common lexical representations of 12-hour and 24-hour time

Ncrontab - Crontab for .NET

A library written in C# 3.0 that provides the following facilities: Parsing of crontab expressions Formatting of crontab expressions Calculation of occurrences of time based on a crontab schedule This library does not provide any scheduler or is not a scheduling facility like cron from Unix platforms. What it provides is parsing, formatting and an algorithm to produce occurrences of time based on a give schedule expressed in the crontab format: * * * * *- - - - -| | | | || | | | +----- day of we

Mash-it-up - Develop a mash up application integrating the APIs of google calender and google maps t

Upcoming ScheduleFriday 15, Friday @ 9 pm Chalk out "THE PLAN" Decide the agendas and schedules for the subsequent meetings accordingly D&D, Check out the calender <iframe src="" style="border: 0" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Sudows - The friendly web bot project

Sudows is an open, natural-language command-line for the web. Users send Sudows short, textual commands in free language, such as: "what is the weather in London?" "add to calendar meeting with James tomorrow at 7 pm" Sudows executes these against popular web API's, and replies with a short message. How to use Sudows?Users typically interact with Sudows via bots. Bots can live anywhere which supports an exchange of textual messages, like Twitter, IM, e-mail, SMS etc. User <=> Bot <=> Sudows <=>

Excel-macro-dispatcher - executes excel macros

This program executes a specified macro for each file in a given directory at a specified time. Use this with windows scheduler to automate your excel macros. If your job involves so much excel that your primary editor is excel, this could be a good tool for you/your group. Run this on an old computer link to your group's network drive. Requirements: windows (and the scheduler) python 2.x sqlalchemy a sqlalchemy supported database win32com For the users, drop a your favorite excel file into the