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This calculator can do the basic operations and many varities of utilities are included in this



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Calculatedivisors - dotNet Prime Factors and Divisors Calculation Library

calculateDivisorsby S. DluzewskiA very simple .NET library, for use with C#/VB.NET/F# etc that will calculate The Prime factors for a given number. The number of factors that a given number has. Will produce a quick sieve list of all factors upto a given number; individually this is a slower method but for bulk calculations (100,000,000) this is definitely the way to go. Example usage: Will instanciate the prime dictionary, this is not necessary but if you are calculating large volumes of prime

Dragracetimer - Drag race timer for figuring out speed per second.

1/4 mile tracks only tell you what the max speed was for the last 66 foot of the track. But how about that first 60 feet? Or what was the average speed at 1000 feet? This is a basic application that will help you calculate what that speed is. The code could be ported to making a version for a Windows Smart Phone or even Blackberry which will be more useful as I continue to develop this timer. Application is written in Visual Studio 2008 / C#

Canadian Payroll

Calculates Canadian payroll taxes, CPP, EI, WCB etc. Produces various outputs suitable for either stand-alone or (esp.) in use with another program. Linux GUI in Kaptain. As of 2005-10-14,this project may now be found at:

Hcpy - A simple console-based RPN calculator in python

hcpy is a yet another RPN calculator. There have been many of these written over the years, so why another one? I couldn't find one with the features I wanted: Simple console-based interface, no mouse or GUI needed Basic scientific calculator functionality similar to HP calculators Perform precise calculations when needed Easy to extend Flexibility in formatted output 11 Sep 2010 update: depends on the mpmath library. Unfortunately, the mpmath library's interface has changed from mpmath 0.

Pymaclab - The Python Macroeconomics Laboratory

News22 February 2011 - This project has been moved to GitHub and is now available at !! 14 March, 2008 - Made initial commit of pymaclab to svn repository PyMacLabpymaclab is a library written in python which implements a series of classes useful for conducting research in dynamic macroeconomics. The main class providing most of the library's functionality is the DSGE model class. One of the main aims of the project is to create a new DSGE model class (or abs

Spsql - jQuery plugin to get Sharepoint's list items using SQL queries

A new way to get items from Sharepoint listsThe SPSql is a new way to get Sharepoint list items from Javascript using SQL queries. The result is an array and you can do anything with then (e.g generate charts, calculate data) It uses Lists.asmx web services. Getting StartedThe library can be implemented by adding a reference to it into a single page, a page layout, or a master page, depending upon your desired scope of use. The library requires v.1.3.2 of the jQuery library, v.0.4.2 of the SPSer

Swt-paperclips - PaperClips - Simplified Java Printing Support for SWT

Welcome to PaperClips: a simple, light weight, extensible Java printing plug-in for SWT. PaperClips hides the complexity of laying out and rendering documents on the printer, helping you focus on what to print instead of how to print it. In a nutshell, PaperClips provides an assortment of document "building blocks," which you can tweak and combine to form a custom document. The assembled document is then sent to PaperClips for printing. PaperClips includes support for printing text, images, bord

Php-class-keyword-density-check - PHP Class keywordDensityChecker v1.1.1

PHP Class keywordDensityChecker v1.1.1Simple yet powerfull PHP class to calculate a websites keyword density. EXAMPLE:<?phpinclude 'class/class.keywordDensity.php'; // Include class $obj = new KD(); // New instance$obj->domain = ''; // Define Domainprint_r ($obj->result()); ?>EXAMPLE ABOVE RETURNSArray( [0] => Array ( [total words] => 231 ) [1] => Array ( [keyword] => display [count] => 14 [percent] => 6.06 ) [2] => Array ( [keyword] => echo [count] => 12 [percent] => 5

Dropdown-check-list - Transforms a html multiple select into a dropdown checkbox list

DescriptionDropdown Check List is a javascript plugin based on the jQuery library that transforms a regular select html element into a dropdown checkbox list. Usage $("#select_id").dropdownchecklist();The existing select element with id 'select_id' is replaced by a dropdown checkbox list widget. See the DEMO page for a detailed description, documentation, and live examples. This page is based on the functionality in the current, downloadable release. See the TESTCASE page for a series of test ca

Jdet - java based software for the interactive calculation and visualization of function-related con

JDetJDet Home Page News What is JDet? Libraries Screenshots Publication reference: Muth T, García-Martín JA, Rausell A, Juan D, Valencia A, Pazos F.: Bioinformatics 2011. If you use JDet as part of a paper, please include the reference above. JDet Homepage and group website: Official JDet Homepage. Computational Systems Biology Group @CNB-CSIC. NewsDecember 06. 2011: JDet is being published by the journal Bioinformatics: JDet: Interactive calculation and visualization of function-related conse