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This is an easy to use calculator for free! It does conversions of all kinds! decimal




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Kidsmath - Web based application to excercise mathematical skills for kids

The web based application offers mathematical equations(additions and substractions) in the form like3+?=15 or ?-12=3The user, usually kids, have to calculate the equation and submit the result. If the result is correct, happy smileys are shown, otherwise sad smileys are shown. The difficulty level of the equations can be set.the project is written in python for the apache mod_python module.

complex numbers for Java

This library provides a complex number type that supports arithmetic operations and square root, exponential and logarithm functions. The internal representation of complex numbers is based on a formal sum of real and imaginary parts, and the implementation of arithmetic operations and functions is based on the correct numerical algorithms. Two main components of the library are the Complex and the Expression classes. The Complex class represents a complex number with double-precision real and i

Pydataframe - Dataframe, a table like datastructure for Python, inspired by R's Dataframe

An implemention of an almost R like DataFrame object. (install via Pypi/Pip: "pip install pydataframe") Usage: u = DataFrame( { "Field1": [1, 2, 3], "Field2": ['abc', 'def', 'hgi']}, optional: ['Field1', 'Field2'] ["rowOne", "rowTwo", "thirdRow"])A DataFrame is basically a table with rows and columns. Columns are named, rows are numbered (but can be named) and can be easily selected and calculated upon. Internally, columns are stored as 1d numpy arrays. If you set row names, they're converted in

Gonzalo123-katas - My implementation of code katas

My implementation of code katas String Calculator PHP Roman Numerals Python

Lightbulb - A ruby utility to detect automated behavior in proxy log traffic

Summary LightBulb is a utility to aid in finding automated traffic in web proxy logs. For now, lightbulb only deals with BlueCoat proxy log files. However it can be easily modified to read in other log formats. Requires: Ruby 1.8.7 or later Usage: Lightbulb takes input from standard in so that filtering may be done prior to loading in traffic. Example: cat logfile.txt | ruby lightbulb.rb This will create an output file in the same directory (lightbulb_report.txt). The format of the output file i

Fpcjs - FreePascal JavaScript binding library

Unlike original/official Delphi JavaScript bridge, which is due to its complexness not compileable in FPC (FreePascal) and/or doesn't work really well, is too big, bloated and outdated, this project use only js15decl.pas (basically C header) interface from the original bridge and add very small (simple and maintainable) wrapper around it to simplify the usage of Mozilla JavaScript engine in FPC. It also contain set of minimal working demos how to do basic JS stuff from FPC like call JS function,

Beanio - BeanIO is a Java library for marshalling and unmarshalling bean objects from a stream, with

BeanIOBeanIO is an open source Java framework for marshalling and unmarshalling Java beans, or plain old java objects (POJO's), from a large flat file, stream, or simple String object. BeanIO is configured using an XML mapping file, and currently supports XML, CSV, delimited, and fixed length file formats. For more information, including an online reference guide, please visit http://www.beanio.org. NewsBeanIO 2.0.0 Released (May 20, 2012)Release 2.0.0 is the most powerful BeanIO version to date

Manysim - Perform Simulations on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

UPDATEMay 24, 2011: Package added to the Python Package Index. sudo easy_install manysim May 19, 2011: Initial commit pushed to the repository. IntroductionWhat initially started out as an easy way of running GEANT4 simulations on AWS EC2, manysim is a simple technique for executing arbitary code on EC2 using Python and the boto Python module. Jobs can be launched from the local user machine and executed on the EC2 with results returned to the user via S3. It is up to the user to configure an Am

Invisicalc - A simple tool that calculates any mathematical expression copied to the clipboard where

Watches clipboard for mathematical expressions e.g: 123+456(10-4) Evaluates the string and shows result in system tray bubble. User can then copy result into clipboard and paste it.

Mythread-xntech-com - a simple application shows how-to of Android Thread

1. calculate the sum of give data. ex. give 5, result = 1+2+3+ .. +5 = 10. given 100, result = 1+2+3+...+100=5050 2. the calc process is put to a low priority thread. 3. Start button will start a calculation. 4. Stop button will stop a calculation, and wait for its stop using Thread.join() 5. wrong format data is inputed, Thoad message will show.