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[READ-ONLY] Validation library from CakePHP. This repo is a split of the main code that can be found in



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CakePHP - Rapid Development PHP framework

CakePHP makes building web applications simpler, faster and require less code. Its features include Database support, Application scaffolding, MVC architecture, Built-in validation, Data Sanitization, Flexible Caching, Localization, SQL injection prevention, Form tampering protection, Authentication and lot more.

Consensus-cms - A micro CMS manager written on PHP

Consensus CMS will try to be a micro CMS system written on PHP to: Create easy to mantain small portal XHTML Strict validating By now It's been based on CakePHP and FCKEditor

Uploader - A CakePHP plugin for file uploading and validating.

A CakePHP plugin for file uploading and validating.

Baseappframework - Very Small and Minimalitic PHP 5 Framework with CakePHP inspired API.

BaseApp Framework is aimed at individual commercial developers or small web application builders who need a starting point.Also if you are a CakePHP User you will find yourself at home with the API It has support for most common features available in frameworks these days but achieves all this in under 50 Kb of compressed Code. Some Non Technical FeatureReally really Small ( < 50 Kb compressed ) Really really Fast ( cause its Damn Small ) Almost 0 Configuration Short Learning Curve Easy to exten

Viciclient - A Web 2.0 interface for Vicidial, the open-source, asterisk-based predictive dialer

ViciClient aims to be a complete replacement for the front-end of ViciDial. This project is based on the CakePHP framework and uses the jQuery javascript library to produce a consistent, extensible, standrads-compliant codebase. Features / Planned Features: MVC method separates code and presentation layers, allowing for easy templating Valid XHTML output Internationalization / Localization Database reporting using JasperReports/iReport Flash Charting Dashboard for quick overview of dialer/campai

Pokercamp - A php MySql poker web2.0 social networking project with hand analysis and stats tracking

This project intends to create an online web application where users can upload poker hand history archives or single hands and be able to display them in a visual format allowing friends and themselves to pass comment on the way certain hands are played. I'm leaning towards a setup similar to The hand history analysis routines will need to be modular to allow for various different formats of hand histories. I expect it can be done with a definition file of regular expressions

Uploadbehavior - New one CakePHP UploadBehavior

This is new Behavior for cakephp that allow you to send files with Full validation. Images can be manipuled with phpThumb class, so u can crop, resize, filter, rotate, etc.

Peecfw - The new framework for PHP.

The New Generation PHP Framework: STABLEHave you ever wanted a powerful, rich and easy installable, update-able and good coded framework for PHP. Look no further. PHP Version required: 5.3+Why? Our code uses namespace and latest technologies so you must use the stable 5.3 release or higher to get PeecFW up running. DevelopersWe are currently looking for more developers of this great project. Please send an application of yourself and I will take a look at it <>.. External reso

Cakephp-hijri-date-helper - to convert any valid date format to Hijri date

Convert php compliant date format to Hijri date Tested on CakePHP 1.3 sample : current date : 2011-05-30 hijri date : 19 Jamadilakhir , 1432

Phpstartapp - How to start a PHP application

What is PhpStartAppPhpStartApp (PSA) is intended to be the base of a PHP Web application. It is collection of classes, a small framework, that will help you to start a new Web application and tries to solve some common problems and tasks. It will not force you to drastically change your coding style or introduce tons of abstraction layers or wrappers that you have to learn. Its main purpose is to force modular design based on plug-ins and some common design patterns, and to provide flexible solu