plugin-installer - A composer installer for installing CakePHP 3.0+ plugins.

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A composer installer for installing CakePHP 3.0+ plugins.



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Codelobster - Free Portable IDE for PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript Development

Codelobster PHP Edition streamlines and simplifies php development process. It provides HTML editor, HTML code inspector, CSS editor, JavaScript editor, PHP editor, PHP debugger and lot more.

Pir-plugin-cakephp - Pir plugin for cakephp

This is plugin for CakePHP who use PHP Image Replacement technology. How do i install this plugin?It's a very easy, you need to do 6 steps: Download and unzip this file. Upload to app/plugins/ unzipped folder "pir" Set chmod 0777 to folder app/plugins/pir/vendors/cache Configure file replaces.php who located in app/plugin/pir/configs/ Add fonts who be used in folder app/plugins/pir/configs/fonts/ Add init string to default layout "<?php echo $this->requestAction('/pir/init'); ?>" How configure f

Nodcms - a node-ular cms powered with cakephp

NODcms is a node-ular cmspowered with cakePHPand created by Furkan Tunalı( ) Timeline & Milestones0.2 Alpha NODcms: Plugins: New simple plugin bridge NODcms: Items: Add NODcms: Items: View NODcms: Items: Edit NODcms: Items: Delete NODcms: Items: Index NODcms: CKeditor: Simplify Buttons NODcms: Admin : Automize & Simplify Menu NODcms: Template: Bridge NODcms: Admin: Dashboard NODcms: Migrate: cakephp 1.2 to 1.3 NODcms: Plugin: Automatic installation NODcms: Api: Simpl

Starlight-cms - StarLight CMS

Project moved to My experimentation project Has lots of features, incl. CakePHP with plugins (PHP MVC) based CMS, administrative UI based on ExtJS, a frontend templating engine (Pheme) making heavy use of jQuery plugins, native plugins and auto-installation support. It's in alpha stage and the most of the code is documented. Main code concepts include: a collections based N-level, pessitent, configuration sigleton with support for cascading of settings (to be use

Lilblogs - Simple blog plugin for CakePHP

Lilblogs is a CakePHP blog plugin. It is a heavily modified version of by Jonathan Snook. Version 1.2This version adds an "admin" role for authors (there's also a new field in Authors which define admin status). Admins can add blogs, edit them, add authors, link authors with blogs... A few bugs have been squashed. And finally, this version contains first line that suggest upcoming plugins. Plugins for (LilBlogs) plugin, you might ask? Yes! Stay tuned. Version

pear_local - PEAR Local install plugin for CakePHP

PEAR Local install plugin for CakePHP


VERY BETA, NOT FUNCTIONAL IN THE SLIGHTEST. Install cakephp packages (plugins, applications, utilities) using this plugin.

cakephp-iron - A minimum cakephp installation with some usefull plugins and other stuff added

A minimum cakephp installation with some usefull plugins and other stuff added


A CakePHP plugin that provides a datasource and models to interact with an active collab installation