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[READ-ONLY] The event dispatcher library for CakePHP. This repo is a split of the main code that can be found in https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp




Related Projects

Vanillacalendar - Web Based Events Calendar Software

Built with CakePHP. Uses some icons from the famfamfam silk set. Integrates with Upcoming using API calls Tested on PHP4, using PEAR libraries instead of PHP5's SimpleXML for Upcoming API integration

Timelines - Timelines is an online time tracking system that offer users the opportunity to track an

This project will require use of the web specific programming languages. It would be integrating a kind of an online calendar system that implements a web crawler script engine that searches and tracks events, articles and a variety of features. It indexes the search results for improved speed and user experience and provides a web interface that gives the user an interactive experience. Programming Language specification includes: Ruby (Rails), PHP (CakePHP), Flex/AMF, AJAX

Nette - Nette Framework

Nette Framework is a powerful framework for rapid and easy creation of high quality and innovative web applications in PHP 5.3. Eliminates security risks, support AJAX, SEO, Dry, KISS, MVC and code reusability. Nette reconceptualizes Web application development in terms of presenters, components, events and properties instead of URLs and query parameters. Nette Framework is designed with simplicity in mind.

Public-events - Una herramienta social y empresarial que permite publicar todo tipo de eventos onlin

Public-Event es una herramienta social y empresarial que permite publicar todo tipo de eventos de forma gratuita en la internet, con la posibilidad de permitir a todos los miembros registrados consultar, editar y publicar eventos de interes personal o estrategicos.

Jqformhelper - JQuery Form Plugin(Allows for dynamic addition of rows to the existing form)

JQuery form helper plugin gives you: 1. Ready made solution for adding the rows dynamically to the existing form. 2. Adjusts the post data names according of the newly added rows 3. Dynamically binds the click events to the Add/Remove actions in the row. 4. No additional scripts required except the standard JQuery and JQuery UI

Noserub-devcamp - Special Repository to be used at NoseRub DevCamps

On DevCamps we want as many people have write access to the code repository, as possible. We therefore will copy the latest development branch of NoseRub to the NoseRub DevCamp repository and merge the changes back to the development branch after the event. This way, we only need to do one evaluation of the changes at the end and not during the DevCamp itself.


cakePHP tutorial for css-tricks.com read article at http://css-tricks.com/cakephp-project-events-manger/

Querytemplates - DOM and CSS driven template engine

QueryTemplatesDOM and CSS driven template engine PHP based templating engine converting pure markup sources (HTML, XML, XHTML) into native ("compiled") PHP and JavaScript template files, while source files remains untouched. Library uses popular web 2.0 pattern load-traverse-modify thou jQuery-like chainable API (using phpQuery) and provides several rapid data injection methods. DownloadQueryTemplates 1.0 Beta4 for PHP QueryTemplates Light 1.0 Beta 2 for JavaScript (live demo) NewsQuertyTemplate

Facebook2011 - index.php

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="es" id="facebook" class="no_js"> <head><meta charset="utf-8"></meta><script>CavalryLogger=false;window.script_path = "\\/index.php";window.EagleEyeSeed="33xp";window.EagleEyeSessionStorage=1;</script><noscript> <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=/?_fb_noscript=1"></meta> </noscript> <meta name="robots" content="noodp,noydir"></meta><meta name="description" content="¡Bienvenido a Facebook en Español! Facebook es una herramienta social que pone en contacto a pe