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[READ-ONLY] Provides connection managing and traits for Entities and Queries that can be reused for different datastores. This repo is a split of the main code that can be found in



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datasources - CakePHP Datasources

CakePHP Datasources

Ldapsource - LDAP datasource for CakePHP

This project aims to provide a LDAP datasource for the cakePHP web application framework (both 1.1.x and 1.2.x). With this datasource, a cake web application should be able to interact with a LDAP 'database' (such as openldap or Microsoft Active Directory) just as if it was a Sql-like database.

Cakephp-twitter-oauth-datasource - A twitter datasource for cakephp that supports Oauth

A twitter datasource for cakephp that supports Oauth You will need to grab a copy of the PHP oauth library ( to use this. There are no instructions really, I assume you know how to use a datasource.

Wpkgexpress - A web-based frontend to WPKG

NOTE: development of wpkgExpress is now indefinitely on hold wpkgExpress is a web-frontend to the WPKG software deployment system. FeaturesAdd/edit/delete WPKG packages, profiles, and hosts Ajax-enabled functions: sorting/deleting of packages, profiles, and hosts; and re-ordering of package check conditions and actions Import existing WPKG packages.xml, profiles.xml, and hosts.xml files Ability to password protect the XML feeds used by WPKG Search records by type or search all types at any time


Old and Historical repository. Please use new repository at:

data-source - Data-sources for cakephp

Data-sources for cakephp

dribbble-cakephp - dribbble api as a cakephp datasource

dribbble api as a cakephp datasource

steam-cakephp - Datasource for cakephp to access the steam api

Datasource for cakephp to access the steam api

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