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[READ-ONLY] Flexible and powerful Database abstraction library with a familiar PDO-like API. This repo is a split of the main code that can be found in



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CakePHP - Rapid Development PHP framework

CakePHP makes building web applications simpler, faster and require less code. Its features include Database support, Application scaffolding, MVC architecture, Built-in validation, Data Sanitization, Flexible Caching, Localization, SQL injection prevention, Form tampering protection, Authentication and lot more.

Codelobster - Free Portable IDE for PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript Development

Codelobster PHP Edition streamlines and simplifies php development process. It provides HTML editor, HTML code inspector, CSS editor, JavaScript editor, PHP editor, PHP debugger and lot more.

Cakephp-migrations - CakePHP Database Migrations

CakePHP DB Migrations has moved to a new home, and is embracing Git at Github: and Lighthouse at

Quotebookr - Personal Quotebook Database written in CakePHP

Quotebookr is an application for storing your own person database of quotes.

Ldapsource - LDAP datasource for CakePHP

This project aims to provide a LDAP datasource for the cakePHP web application framework (both 1.1.x and 1.2.x). With this datasource, a cake web application should be able to interact with a LDAP 'database' (such as openldap or Microsoft Active Directory) just as if it was a Sql-like database.

Mrtgcontrollpanel - Nice GUI for MRTG

GUI for MRTG using ExtJS for web frontend and CakePHP as server side backend. Classic navigation tree panel on west side and muiltiple tabs in the center region. Configuration of MRTG file is stored in MySQL database. Import from file into DB and export by name or id , etc. to stdout.

Quote-unquote - Quote UnQuote quote database

A quote database (QDB) engine using the CakePHP framework and an SQL database. This code is very close to the version powering the Wookiee' QDB, and was originally custom-written for that site. As such, it is pretty minimalistic, but includes such a possibly out-of-place function as webcomic management. Features: Various flavors of quote display: by one, recent, random, top/bottom rated, and by tags Tagging, tag cloud, and Ajax tag autocompletion Ajax voting BBCode-like formatting in quotes Prev

Multi-site-manager - Automated Hosting Backups and Invoicing for multiple domains and databases

The application manages clients, domains, servers, databases and uses SSH to run mysql and file backups. Can be automated with cron jobs. Invoicing under development, we may incorporate an existng invoicing solution. This is ideal for DreamHost users, as it includes webpanel integration to create users and list databases, and create a backup account for databases. Beta TestingI am actively seeking a few brave souls to test this application and provide feedback and direction. Suggested installati

Halfbaked-timesheets - Timesheets, Project Management and Business Management Application

Halfbaked Timesheets is a web application designed to help small businesses manage employee timesheets, projects and other aspects of the business such as partners (clients and suppliers) and company assets. The application is written in PHP5 using CakePHP Framework 1.2 as well as jQuery Javascript Framework and is developed with a MySQL database. The application aims to be simple to configure and easy to use. It also aims to provide basic reporting on Project Profitability and Timesheets utilis

Clientportal - A CakePHP/Flex client portal for creative agencies and development houses

AnnouncementThis code is forthcoming. We're putting the finishing touches on it now and it should be ready in a week or two. It's going to be great, so come back soon! (updated 8/14/2008) OverviewBuilt using CakePHP ( and Adobe Flex (, this application provides an easy to use framework for sharing assets, links and other documents with your clients. An HTML backend admin panel allows for simple updating of the database. Clients access the site via authentication and are forw

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