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[READ-ONLY] CakePHP Framework Core Classes. This repo is a split of the main code that can be found in



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Dummyaja - core code of project

using cakePHP, adodb, jQuery, TCPDF, excel

Appjs - CakePHP AppJs Framework

AppJs is a javascript framework build as a package for cakePHP on top of jQuery, APE and SoundManager2 to use core cakePHP features like i18n in the browser and adobe air. It also provides cross platform sound, realtime comunication and window management possibilities.

Marancakemelody - Maran Cake Melody - Social Portal using Cakephp or CodeIgniter + Doctrine ORM

Cake Melody Version 1.04 using Cakephp or CodeIgniter + Doctrine ORM A Social Portal developed in Cakephp - CodeIgniter giving You possibility to save your favorite music songs from Youtube by categories. Cakephp core version used is 1.2x. CodeIgniter core version used is 1.7x. The purpose of this application is teaching and understand how Cakephp it works. Available options: Register, Login, Profile Modify, Add song by Category. Demo 1 at: Demo 2 at: ---

X6tm-cms - Content managment system based on cakephp framework

X6tm_CMSBasic cms developed with cakephp 1.2.xBased on previous project, caddy-x6tm objectivesuser manager news display as blog page manager file manager rss feeds fully skinable internationalization core & content plugable

Dojocake - A libray of CakePHP helpers to easily add Dojo to an application.

Dojo Cake LibraryDojo Cake is a library of CakePHP helpers and controllers to make the process of adding Dojo to CakePHP more easy. The library includes helpers for widgets and XHR connections. Dojo Cake was developed to make the process of making ajax applications in CakePHP as easy as making the application itself, making Web 2.0 applications in CakePHP a piece of cake (pun intended). With a growing number of widgets, and support for basic ajax and xhr connections, Dojo Cake aims to be a power

Lightcore - Core - light php framework with build in ORM (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL)

Small, fast and light php framework. Have you ever tried to use Symfony, Code Igniter, CakePHP or another PHP framework ? It took too much time to start ? Too many files, too many classes, too many functions ? Looking for something small ready to use ? Here is the answer - Core, light PHP framework with building ORM. Try it, use it. More details in near future. Regards, starmaker

Maven-web-plugin - Maven Web Plugin

maven-web-plugin is a plugin that allows dependency management on projects that does not define default paths for dependecies. it is based on the maven-war-plugin and maven-dependency-plugin but aims to permit maven dependency management on project developed on languages other then java, like php, asp, jsp. A pom.xml sample: <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" http://maven.a

Phpframeworksvn - Collecions of PHP frameworks repository

The SVN repository collections for those learning software architecture written in PHP. Global svn checkout Zendsvn co Symfonysvn co Cakesvn co CodeIgnitersvn co Kohanasvn co Yiisvn co

Cherryfish - CMS built with CakePHP 1.2 and ExtJS

CMS (Content Management System) built with CakePHP 1.2 and ExtJS. Coming soon - probably just before Christmas if all goes well! Also uses CodePress, TinyMCE and a few other vendors. Open source but requires a commercial licence if you decide to use it on a production website. Update Should be on track for sometime in December. Currently recoding parts of the core to make it even more modular. Screenshots and register your interest at

Lilblogs - Simple blog plugin for CakePHP

Lilblogs is a CakePHP blog plugin. It is a heavily modified version of by Jonathan Snook. Version 1.2This version adds an "admin" role for authors (there's also a new field in Authors which define admin status). Admins can add blogs, edit them, add authors, link authors with blogs... A few bugs have been squashed. And finally, this version contains first line that suggest upcoming plugins. Plugins for (LilBlogs) plugin, you might ask? Yes! Stay tuned. Version