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[READ-ONLY] Collection library in CakePHP. This repo is a split of the main code that can be found in



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Namacol - collection manager

a multi-user collection manager for books, movie, ...

Digidiamond - This is a personal Web site/media server and backup solution for myself

I'm using to backup my personal p.c. and to server up media such as my music and movie collection. I will be playing with jQuery, CakePHP, and other related web technologies in this project.

Php-open-source-resource - some useful PHP open source resource collection

I'm collecting some useful PHP open source resource, and users can download the codes easily and free. My site:

Starlight-cms - StarLight CMS

Project moved to My experimentation project Has lots of features, incl. CakePHP with plugins (PHP MVC) based CMS, administrative UI based on ExtJS, a frontend templating engine (Pheme) making heavy use of jQuery plugins, native plugins and auto-installation support. It's in alpha stage and the most of the code is documented. Main code concepts include: a collections based N-level, pessitent, configuration sigleton with support for cascading of settings (to be use

Php-micro-kernel - A set of very simple plugin loading scripts which can help make applications from

The IdeaWell, these scripts represent a very simple idea for building an application in PHP. The idea is "no more than necessary". You may have heard of it somewhere. As a daily PHP developer, I experienced these famous powerful MVC frameworks such as Symfony, CakePHP, Zend Framework. Yes, they are powerful, have everything you need and you will need. They are excellent for large scale applications. But what about a small application? Do you want to see an application package with 1~3 MB size an

Phpframeworksvn - Collecions of PHP frameworks repository

The SVN repository collections for those learning software architecture written in PHP. Global svn checkout Zendsvn co Symfonysvn co Cakesvn co CodeIgnitersvn co Kohanasvn co Yiisvn co

Phpstartapp - How to start a PHP application

What is PhpStartAppPhpStartApp (PSA) is intended to be the base of a PHP Web application. It is collection of classes, a small framework, that will help you to start a new Web application and tries to solve some common problems and tasks. It will not force you to drastically change your coding style or introduce tons of abstraction layers or wrappers that you have to learn. Its main purpose is to force modular design based on plug-ins and some common design patterns, and to provide flexible solu

Gerhardsletten - Opensource code from Gerhard Sletten

Gerhard Sletten's opensource softwareHere I will collect my code written in CakePHP, Actionscript 3, basic HTML/CSS templates and other stuff. Follow me here: CakePHP app: Surdeig.noThis is the complete app for the site running Database settings is moved outside of the app directory. Checkout on