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[READ-ONLY] Easy to use Caching library with support for multiple caching backends. This repo is a split of the main code that can be found in



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CakePHP - Rapid Development PHP framework

CakePHP makes building web applications simpler, faster and require less code. Its features include Database support, Application scaffolding, MVC architecture, Built-in validation, Data Sanitization, Flexible Caching, Localization, SQL injection prevention, Form tampering protection, Authentication and lot more.

Smallframecode - Another PHP 5 Model/View/Controller web application framework

Small Frame Code is another PHP 5 Model/View/Controller web application framework. SFC is... - tiny - simple - logically implemented - written as a learning tool for the author - an excellent starting point for larger projects SFC is not... - done - fully featured - a RoR, CakePHP, CodeIgniter replacement - full of buzzwords

Pir-plugin-cakephp - Pir plugin for cakephp

This is plugin for CakePHP who use PHP Image Replacement technology. How do i install this plugin?It's a very easy, you need to do 6 steps: Download and unzip this file. Upload to app/plugins/ unzipped folder "pir" Set chmod 0777 to folder app/plugins/pir/vendors/cache Configure file replaces.php who located in app/plugin/pir/configs/ Add fonts who be used in folder app/plugins/pir/configs/fonts/ Add init string to default layout "<?php echo $this->requestAction('/pir/init'); ?>" How configure f

Pokercamp - A php MySql poker web2.0 social networking project with hand analysis and stats tracking

This project intends to create an online web application where users can upload poker hand history archives or single hands and be able to display them in a visual format allowing friends and themselves to pass comment on the way certain hands are played. I'm leaning towards a setup similar to The hand history analysis routines will need to be modular to allow for various different formats of hand histories. I expect it can be done with a definition file of regular expressions

Puncake - when the Cakes cook Forums / Quand les Gateaux cuisinent des Forums

PunCake est un Portail pour Forum (FluxBB/PunBB en premier lieu) apportant tous les ingrédients nécessaires à la création de sites web. En effet il dispose de 10 modules: Actualités Articles Blocs Calendrier Cartes Google Planet Téléchargements Tickets (Système de suivi de Bogues) Tribune Trucs et Astuces Puis de quelques (15) blocs standard (menu/liste des modules/stats du forum/lecteur rss etc.. etc...) s'activant à souhait. Par ailleurs la gestion de thèmes permet une parfaite inté

Peecfw - The new framework for PHP.

The New Generation PHP Framework: STABLEHave you ever wanted a powerful, rich and easy installable, update-able and good coded framework for PHP. Look no further. PHP Version required: 5.3+Why? Our code uses namespace and latest technologies so you must use the stable 5.3 release or higher to get PeecFW up running. DevelopersWe are currently looking for more developers of this great project. Please send an application of yourself and I will take a look at it <>.. External reso

Phamlp - PHP port of Haml and Sass

PHamlPHaml and Sass have been used in Ruby for sometime to simplify templates (Haml) and make CSS more intelligent, flexible and manageable (Sass); now they come to PHP in PHamlP. Features Framework independent. PHamlP can be used with any framework (wrapper functions are required to integrate with frameworks; an example for Yii is provided - I'd welcome contributions for other frameworks) or standalone. Indentation auto-detect. PHamlP allows use of spaces or tab as the indentation character and

Querytemplates - DOM and CSS driven template engine

QueryTemplatesDOM and CSS driven template engine PHP based templating engine converting pure markup sources (HTML, XML, XHTML) into native ("compiled") PHP and JavaScript template files, while source files remains untouched. Library uses popular web 2.0 pattern load-traverse-modify thou jQuery-like chainable API (using phpQuery) and provides several rapid data injection methods. DownloadQueryTemplates 1.0 Beta4 for PHP QueryTemplates Light 1.0 Beta 2 for JavaScript (live demo) NewsQuertyTemplate

Smarty4sae - smarty3 for sina app engine

smarty3.0 rc3 for sina app engine 在sae上demo地å�€: 主è¦�说明: 模æ�¿ç¼–译å�Žçš„缓存文件,使用memcache缓存ä¿�存。 缓存有效时间由memcache缓存的ä¿�存时间,所设置的smarty缓存时间共å�Œå†³å®šã€‚ 修改模æ�¿æ–‡ä»¶æ—¶ï¼Œç¼“存文件自动更新。 使用方法: $smarty->compile_dir = 'saemc://smartytpl/'; $smarty->cache_dir = 'saemc://smartytpl/'; $smarty->compile_locking = false; 此三行必需,设置smarty的三个å�

Saecms - sina app engine 平�上的内容管�系统

Sina App Engine 平�上的内容管�系统 demo: SaeCMS 基于CakePHP框架开�. 2010-4-13 V0.1 目�版本为0.1版本,功能主�包括�目�新闻��内容采集。�目�新闻的链接�以自定义。 暂时还没有邀请美工人员进行页�的美化。当功能比较完善的时候会开始美化界�。 使用 CakePHP 的好处: 拥有既�好�活跃的社区 �活的MIT 许�� 兼容 PHP4 和 PHP5 数�库交互�用了 CRUD MVC

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