app - CakePHP 3.0 application template

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CakePHP 3.0 application template



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Codelobster - Free Portable IDE for PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript Development

Codelobster PHP Edition streamlines and simplifies php development process. It provides HTML editor, HTML code inspector, CSS editor, JavaScript editor, PHP editor, PHP debugger and lot more.

Goo-suggestion - Using the google suggeestion in your app

Using google suggestion in your text box, to increase some power in your app. Using jquery or cakephp, or both.

Appjs - CakePHP AppJs Framework

AppJs is a javascript framework build as a package for cakePHP on top of jQuery, APE and SoundManager2 to use core cakePHP features like i18n in the browser and adobe air. It also provides cross platform sound, realtime comunication and window management possibilities.

Rekneskap - Simple accounting and billing software

Simple accounting and billing software, specifically aimed at fairtrade coffee import. Includes billing and vat localized to Norway. Written as a cakephp app. Needs cake PHP v.1.3.7 and TCPDF (

Atlascakephp - Atlas Kotasoft Cakephp

Atlas is a web code generator, is based in Bake cakephp.Atlas es un generador de codigo con interfaz web para cakephp, esta basado en bake de cakephp.Caracteristicas:Configuración Atlas permite la gestion de configuraciones, de esta forma podrá trabajar con varios proyectos. Para generar una configuracion se comprueba si es correcta su base de datos. Proyectos Creacion de proyectos nos permite crear un proyecto en la carpeta que haya configurado previamente en la configuración. Al crear un pr

Baseappframework - Very Small and Minimalitic PHP 5 Framework with CakePHP inspired API.

BaseApp Framework is aimed at individual commercial developers or small web application builders who need a starting point.Also if you are a CakePHP User you will find yourself at home with the API It has support for most common features available in frameworks these days but achieves all this in under 50 Kb of compressed Code. Some Non Technical FeatureReally really Small ( < 50 Kb compressed ) Really really Fast ( cause its Damn Small ) Almost 0 Configuration Short Learning Curve Easy to exten

Pir-plugin-cakephp - Pir plugin for cakephp

This is plugin for CakePHP who use PHP Image Replacement technology. How do i install this plugin?It's a very easy, you need to do 6 steps: Download and unzip this file. Upload to app/plugins/ unzipped folder "pir" Set chmod 0777 to folder app/plugins/pir/vendors/cache Configure file replaces.php who located in app/plugin/pir/configs/ Add fonts who be used in folder app/plugins/pir/configs/fonts/ Add init string to default layout "<?php echo $this->requestAction('/pir/init'); ?>" How configure f

Online-co-op - An Online Marketplace for Food and Goods Cooperatives

Setting up this web application on a server will give you the technical ability to host your own online cooperative. Of course, the logistics of real-world goods exchange is up to you, and the legal entities that need to exist in order to legally do so are also your responsibility. However, should anyone out there wish to do so, the West Michigan Coop would be happy to share our information, story, and documents to aid the creation of your own local food endeavor. Because of CakePHP's BSD licens

Etracks - Web-based sharing of GPS tracks and waypoints with an Android client

eTracks is divided in two applications. The first one is an Android based app which allows you to record GPS tracks while cycling, hiking, running... It can also take photos and add them as POIs; add descriptions at some point of the track; or even add a video recorded with the phone. Recorded tracks can be uploaded to a server, sent by mail or exported to the SD card. The second one is a web based app for sharing recorded tracks with other people developed with cakePHP. It can be used from a we

Maven-web-plugin - Maven Web Plugin

maven-web-plugin is a plugin that allows dependency management on projects that does not define default paths for dependecies. it is based on the maven-war-plugin and maven-dependency-plugin but aims to permit maven dependency management on project developed on languages other then java, like php, asp, jsp. A pom.xml sample: <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" http://maven.a