acl - Plugin for managing ACL in CakePHP applications.

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Plugin for managing ACL in CakePHP applications.



Related Projects

Cakeusermanagement - CakePHP User Management Plugin (with Auth)

CakePHP User Management Plugin Features: - Auth component - Mock ACL using Groups and Permissions models - Login - Session Expiration notification - Remember me Cookie Credit: Many thanks to since I couldn't understand or get the built in ACL to work.

Django-acl - Tree based permissions for Django

Tree based permission system for Django projects providing similar functionality as CakePHP, Zend_ACL and phpGACL implementations. Depends: django-mptt, django.contrib.auth Status: Pre-alpha

Lumen - A basic CMS based on CakePHP for incorporation in any web application.

Lumen wants to be an easy-to-use content management system that can be used as a basis for any web application. It is not meant to be a full operative CMS, but merely a basis for further development. It can be used though for a simple blog or website. Requirements: PHP 4.4.x or higher MySQL 5.x CakePHP 1.2.x Features: User management Granular ACL Categorisation of content (categories and tags) Revision of content (history) Rich Text Editor Web 2.0 compatible (graphics and AJAX)

Cake-extensions - Extensions for Cake

Extensions for Cake:Improved Paginator Engine: PaginatorComponent and ExtPaginatorHelper Improved Ajax Engine (with Jquery): Soon FileUpload and ImageHandler Engine: Soon Profile Engine(using Cake ACL and Auth): Soon Mask Engine: Soon


Spark Plug Cakephp plugin is a user management and admin section using authsome and a simple acl.

PoundCake Control Panel

PoundCake Control Panel (CakePHP plugin) - admin panel for users and groups management, dynamic database driven ACL menus generation and management, permissions assignment to users and groups.

Caddy-x6tm - caddy est un gestionnaire de produits en ligne

caddy-x6tmx6tm ou extended system est le nom sous lequel je publie mes projets. Le projet Caddy est un gestionnaire de produits, de stocks, de factures... pour le net. En plus de pouvoir gerer des paniers ou des commandes clients, il permet l'affichage de news et commentaires. Ajax y est implémenté mais il peut être désactivé sans gêner l'utilisation de l'application. Ce projet est réalisé en utilisant cakephp, il peut donc être facilement porté sur la plupart des hebergeurs actuels ut

Camiro-cms - a lightweight, modular and minimalist CMS

Camiro-CMS is a a lightweight, modular and minimalist CMS written on top of CakePHP.Camiro-CMS is still under development and still not halfway through, but is already packed with basic features and ready to use. If you are a bleeding-edge web developer, you may acquire the development version from our SVN here. Features Included in the Running SVN Copy: N-Level Content Hierarchy via Containers (Unlimitted Content and Containers under Containers) WYSIWYG Editor with File and Image Management Ful