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CAIRNS (Cooperative Alert Information and Resource Notification System) demonstrates CIMS (Crisis Information Management System) interoperability with the following XML-based emergency messaging standards: EDXL-DE, EDXL-RM, CAP.



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Cairn - CAIRN is a modular and customizable system backup and restore program

CAIRN is a modular copy and restore program for the imaging of a computer. It copies every file on a computer and figures out how to recreate it from scratch. It is primarily network oriented but is also flexible enough to boot from any possible method.

Trafficlights - Program that simulates Traffic Lights

This is a program that simulates traffic light cycle. Not only are the traffic light cycles simulated, but also cars move through the intersection.

Ericstrafficsim - t-sim, jc225759/~ecca

Recent work has been done to install traffic lights at the junction of Michaelangelo Drive and Redlynch Intake Road to cope with the amount of traffic coming from the schools and to and from Redlynch Valley Estate. Redlynch Intake Road is currently the major road running up and down Redlych Valley and Michaelangelo Drive Services a large residential area on the opposite side of the school. Information provided by the council suggests that thousands of commuters pass through the intersection ever

Rowans-traffic-lights-simulation - Smithfield traffic lights intersection simulation

At Smithfield near BP fuel station and the fire station, is a road intersection controlled by traffic lights. There are four vertical lanes called Captain Cook Highway, and two horizontal lanes, Stanton Road. The traffic lights controlling the vertical lanes typically stays green for thirty seconds, then turns orange for three, and finally turns red. The lights controlling the vertical flow of traffic normally are quicker to change and only stay green for about 15 seconds or less. They also chan

Cp2004-assignment-jc195104 - CP2004 Assignment for JC195104

This is the Assignment of Andrew Cameron (JC195104) for the Cairns Subject CP2004


Blue Cairn is a derivative of Cairngorm that provides the Event-Command architecture to pure AS3 projects.