Caesar,DTMF/C5 tone generator

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Ceasar is an open-source multi-frequency tone gereator for UNIX, initially Linux. By default it contains standard DTMF tones together with C5 (bluebox) tones.



Related Projects

Osu-ling484-cryptographic - Some tools for cryptography

Ohio State Linguistics 484 Cryptography Code Breaker for various ciphers: Playfair, Vigenere, Caesar Shift

Encode-decode - Encodes and decodes messages

Getting StartedThis program uses substitution ciphers to encode and decode messages (Caesar ciphers or otherwise), along with a function that will automatically decode Caesar ciphers with an unknown key value. This is what it looks like when the user first opens the program:


CAESAR (Consolidated AES Automated Runtime) is a user-friendly file encryption software that uses an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) service to secure data.

Inca-cipher - Inca Encryption/Decryption/Brute Force program

A caesar cipher Tkinter Python program. Can encrypt or decrypt caesar cipher with any shift key (1-26), you can also use the Brute Force button and it will take an encrypted key, and test all 26 shift keys and you can search through them to see which one seems right.

Ismowa - Team 5: The Final Project for CSC 221, Fall 2010.

You are to produce a concordance of a number of the tragedies of Shakespeare: at least Hamlet, Macbeth, Richard III, Julius Caesar, King Lear, and Othello.

Cifer - Work on automating classical cipher cracking in C.

Work on automating classical cipher cracking in C. The goal is to be able to crack from caesar to transposition ciphers in no time at all.

Cipherlib - Cipher/Decipher Library written in popular programming languages

Current plans are for: Ciphers support: Playfair Vigenere Caesar ROT13 Language support: C++ Java Python Additional languages, and additional ciphers, will be supported later on.

Caesar-lisflood - Caesar Lisflood Landscape Evolution and Flow Model

News23/05/2012 Updated version 1.2o released available from download tabs. Updates/changes are logged in the Wiki. 21/05/2012 CAESAR-lisflood 1.2n released available from download tabs. Updates/changes are logged in the Wiki. 26/11/2011 source code for CAESAR-lisflood 1.1d released available from downloads tab. IntroductionCaesar Lisflood is a geomorphological / Landscape evolution model that combines the Lisflood-FP 2d hydrodynamic flow model (Bates et al, 2010) with the CAESAR geomorphic model