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A parametric, feature-based, sketch-driven 3D CAD application, built around a geometrical constraint solving engine. Project is in early development stage. The FreeSG library ( is required.



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Google-summer-of-code-2008-hypertriton - Code samples from students working with Hypertriton, Inc. f

We are a small R&D firm based in Quebec (with an office in the US). For the past 10 years, we have allowed developers to work full-time on free open-source projects, such as Agar (a portable GUI toolkit), FreeSG (a scene graph / computational geometry / constraint solver / math library), and more recently, open-source 3D CAD/CAM suite called cadtools. We focus mainly on engineering and scientific applications, but our main source of revenue being hosting, we also maintain a set of daemons and to


gvSIG plugin to open NavTable after the creation of a new geometry with OpenCADTools extension.

CadTools - Some tools to perform cad like functions in QGIS.

Some tools to perform cad like functions in QGIS.