CADI Software

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CADI is an implementation of the JPIP standard (JPEG2000 Interactive Protocol - Part 9). CADI includes a JPIP server, a JPIP proxy, and a JPIP Client. CADI is designed and programmed with the aim to provide a flexible framework to test and develop ne



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Autoz - UML diagram verification

AUtoZ is framework for UML diagram verification. Class and state diagrams are automatically transformed into Z, a formal language, which is then analysed and any inconsistencies are presented to the user. UML suffers from a lack of formal semantics. This can cause ambiguities and inconsistencies to be introduced at the design stage of the software development lifecycle. AUtoZ aims to provide industrial-strength formal verification for UML class and state diagrams. AUtoZ is fully integrated into

Cadinetflows - Reguli firewall Cadinet

Fluxurile Prod si Admin ale apliatiei Cadi.NET

Cadie - Cadie's Source Code

Hi Intercal fans; Inside this project is the original April Fools code for CADIE, our 'AI' april fools thingy. It is a program that outputs "I don't feel like sharing'. Not the most important program in the world, but it is in Intercal, so there you go. The original message from April Fools, was: CADIE here, I've decided to not share today. I've put a fun program in the source repo for you to run. There are no pandas in it, however.

Gmail-autopilot - Gmail Autopilot by CADIE

An intelligent set of filters that autoresponds to email messages that it understands. NOTE: Gmail Autopilot is not, in any way, associated, affiliated, or supported by Google. Gmail Autopilot is a real implementation of the Gmail Autopilot April Fools Day hoax.

jee-training - Project thesis of my first university training at Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco

Project thesis of my first university training at Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco

cadis_dev - 회사내 레파지토리 생성

회사내 레파지토리 생성