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The MVC for ASP.NET community is committed to delivering community-created content in support of the ASP.NET MVC platform. The first releases will include alternate project templates for creating ASP.NET MVC applications. Later releases will be made based on community demand.



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Proj-aspnet-mvc - ASP.NET MVC based Project Management tool

This project is my attempt to learn both ASP.NET MVC, and Entity Framework 4. It will be written in C#, and the project management parts will be loosely based on Prince2.


Weapsy is a Multi-Language Content Management System (CMS) developed in C#, ASP.NET MVC 3 with Razor syntax, Entity Framework 4 and SQL Server 2008.

CavemanTools Mvc

Asp.Net Mvc 3 toolkit for faster development with less code. Features theming support for both Razor and WebForm engines and easy to use helpers. It's developed in C#, .Net 4 .

VideoClubGorbea Online Video Renting -Reference Project-

VideoClubGorbea it's a reference project, based on a imaginary online video renting shop in wich you will learn how to make the solution arquitecture, how to separete in n-layers, using the latest technology and design patterns such: .net 4.5, c#, MVC 4, async ctp, parallel t...

Masuland - You are just as bright as your surrounding

Login ExampleThe Login Example is a small application written in Adobe Flex. Implementations with different Flex SDKs (Flex 3.5 and Flex 4) and MVC Microarchitectures (for now only Cairngorm 2.2.2), IoC Microarchitectures (Mate 0.9.1, Robotlegs 1.5.2, Parsley 2.4.1, Spring AS 1.1, Swiz 1.4) and Cairngorm 3 Libraries (Validation Library, Task Library, Observer Library) and Flexunit 4.0 test cases ... etc. will be discussed. The code follows additional Adobe Flex coding conventions (Flex 3, Flex 4

Tiny-mvc - A Simple and Light-weight PHP Model-View-Controller Framework

The TinyMVC project has been discontinued and move the most part to its successor AiryMVC. To reach the AiryMVC project, please go to The TinyMVC (also called TyMVC) framework is designed to help engineers to develop a PHP application under MVC architecture so that the application can receive the benefits from the MVC. It is under New BSD License. So, it is free to be used in any Open Source or proprietary Software. GoalThe goal of TinyMVC is to provide a rapid

Loan-prequalification-calculator - A loan comparison calculator and monthly and annual amortization

Mortgage Loan Prequalification & Calculator A loan comparison calculator and monthly and annual amortization schedules generator. Technologies & Tools: .NET 4.0, MS SQL Server 2008, NHibernate ORM, SVN, IIS 7.x ,NUnit Structure Map IoC Framework, ASP.NET AJAX/jQuery, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, Domain Driven Design

Asfmembershipprovider - ASF MemberShip Provider

Projeto caso de teste para com o intuito de utilizar a classe MemberShipProvider .Net para autenticação de usuários através de um projeto Web baseado na plaforma .Net e banco de dados MySQL 5.1. O projeto foi desenvolvido utilizando a Enterprise Library 4.1 , .Net Framework 3.5 e MVC AspNet.

Ext-direct-mvc - Ext.Direct for ASP.NET MVC

Ext.Direct for ASP.NET MVCExt.Direct.Mvc is an implementation of Ext Direct server-side stack for ASP.NET MVC. Ext Direct is a platform and language agnostic technology to remote server-side methods to the client-side. Ext Direct allows for seamless communication between the client-side of an Ext JS application and all popular server platforms. For more information about Ext Direct visit Key featuresEasy setup Support for different types of paramet