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C3PO is a software synthesis tool that provides a solution for building maintainable, reliable and robust software infrastructures and/or compiler frontends from a set of attributed grammar rules in EBNF notation.




Related Projects


Shimmer is a Perl implementation of my C3PO (Cryptographically and Constantly Changing Port Opening) proposal that hides a critical server (such as SSH) behind an ever changing set of ports.

Portalzgame - PoRTaLz Game

Description coming soon... Coded in C# with XNA Framework 3.0

Artoo - A PHP Framework

ArtOO got its name from a RoR localization plugin I helped develop with the Macau.com IT team. We decided to call that plugin 'C3PO' named after the Star Wars translation/protocol droid. As I tried to mimic or replicate the C3PO plugin using PHP, I came up with the ArtOO project. Most of ArtOO's features are RoR inspired, however, some of ArtOO's codes had been just a rewrite of some old PHP4 classes I've written as far back as the year 2002. A great deal of codes had also been written since 200

Nameparser - a PHP Name Parser

This class will parse an English Name string and break it up into it's five individual elements: first name middle name(s) last name title suffix(s) As input, it will parse a name in one of the following forms: [title] first [middle]x last [,][suffix] [,suffix]x last, [title] first [middle]x [,][suffix] [,suffix]x Where x denotes zero or more occurrences of the item. List of titles recognized by the algorithm: dr doctor miss misses mr mister mrs ms judge sir madam madame AB 2ndLt Amn 1stLt A1C C

Firepower - RTS in python e panda3d

If you wanna make a RTS with Python this is the right place! We're looking for coders and 3D modelers. Un RTS in Python? Ma siete matti? Be', meglio in Python che in C++...(almeno per la salute) Be' comunque la risposta è: Si siamo matti, abbiamo iniziato un rts 3d da 0 senza nemmeno saper accendere il computer...(anche perché è raro che sia spento :o) In fondo il mondo è pieno di pazzi: unitevi anche voi. Non occorre avere la laurea in informatica basta anche solo conoscere un po' di modell

Efoods - An eCommerce Site Backed by Web Services

The Business Model The Foods R Us Company is a consolidating retailer. It specializes in selling exotic food items but it does not stock inventory. Instead, it takes purchase orders (P/O's) from its clients, consolidates them, and then procures them from business partners who stock the items and provide them wholesale; i.e. the partners do not venture into the retail market. In this business model, Foods R Us makes money by benefiting from volume discounts (due to consolidation) and by marking u

Dawaj-srebro - Skan rankingu BK.

Skan rankingu BK. A wiec zalanczam plik zip z add-on'em. Ale najpierw krok po kroku: KROK 1 Odpakuj zawarosc pliku zip do: C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\extensions w tym katalogu mozesz miec dziwne foldery jak np: C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\extensions\\{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd} to znaczy ze jestes w dobrym miejscu :) odpakowany zip bedzie mial folder z nazwa jak email: esdziesiec.bk.pl@gmail.com (Gdy robisz add-on dla FF to mozesz uzyc nazwy jak numerki, lub wlasnie e

Mailsharepl - MailShare - Lepsza Alterantywa

MailShareMailshare to najnowszy program służący do wymiany plików w technologii peer2mail czyli za pośrednictwem darmowych skrzynek pocztowych. Ten sposób wymiany plików jest dużo bardziej bezpieczniejszy od metody bezpośredniej wymiany plików peer2peer. Maishare dzieli pliki na mniejsze części tzw party. Poszczególne kawałki są wysyłane na konto mailowe. Po pobraniu wszystkich części zostają one scalone w oryginalny plik. Takie rozwiązanie pozwala użytkownikowi przetrzymywa

Audiocity3d - Audiocity 3D

AudioCity 3D est un moteur de spatialisation sonore dans un environnement 3D. Il se pre�sente sous la forme d’une bibliothèque de fonctions facilitant la conception d’un monde sonore en trois dimensions. Cette bibliothèque se divise en trois modules : la mode�lisation ge�ome�trique, la description physique de l’environnement et les sons, la gestion des mouvements. Audiocity 3D s’inscrit dans un plus large projet : Terra Numerica, un projet sur la nume�risation des territoires et

Juploader2 - JUploader 2

Druga wersja programu umożliwiającego szybkie i wygodne wysyłanie plików na serwisy hostingowe - JUploader (http://sourceforge.net/projects/juploader/). (16.01.2011) Ukazała się wersja 0.3http://juploader2.googlecode.com/files/juploader_ver03.tar.gz Zmiany: usprawnienia interfejsu powiadamianie o wysyłaniu na zakładkach serwisów usunięcie serwisu GlowFoto (29.09.2010) Ukazała się wersja 0.2http://juploader2.googlecode.com/files/juploader_ver02.tar.gz Zmiany: dodano serwisy ZippyShare