Cocoa 3D Tutorial

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The project will provide a Cocoa framework to interface OpenGL in a more OO-fashioned style. It is not meant to be the fastest code possible, nor to leverage all the power of OpenGL, but to give developers a easy way to start working in 3D



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G'MIC is an open and full-featured framework for image processing, providing several different user interfaces to convert/manipulate/filter/visualize generic image datasets, from 1d scalar signals to 3d+t sequences of multi-spectral volumetric images.

Googlevisualizationsdotnet - Google Visualizations Wrapped in DotNet WebControls

Ever wanted to use Google's great visualizations in your .NET web application? Each Google visualization is wrapped in a ASP.NET Web Control. Add them to your toolbar and drag them into your markup. Use .NET data tables to populate the chart or graph and now your cooking with gas ... Google.NET gas. Home Page Examples Quick StartReference GoogleChartsNGraphsControls.dll Be sure Visualization DLL is included in same folder Create a New Tab in Toolbox Click Add

L3dtpython - A Python extension for L3DT

OverviewRun python scripts and access the Zeolite API from Python! To build this DLL, you will need a Visual C++ compiler, SWIG 1.3, and Python 2.5. Installation InstructionsGet Python here: Then get cdPython here: Go to D:\\Install\\Bundysoft\\L3DT Standard 2.5 RC3 (or wherever L3DT.exe is installed) extract the to here. cdPython is now installed. Try it out with the followi

Emo-framework - Lightweight 2D game framework for Android and iOS

What is emo framework?emo is 2D game engine for Android and iOS. emo is lightweight game framework that is driven by Squirrel, object-oriented scripting language for your game logic. emo has native game engine almost all codes are written in C/C++ for Android and C/C++/Objective-C for iOS that is based on OpenGL for graphic rendering and OpenAL/OpenSL for sound interface. NEW: 10/13/2011 A Hands-on Guide to emo-framework is out!Developing Games for Android & iOS with Squirrel http://www.emo-fram

Propcomp - Totem Entity Development Kit

Totem EDK - a component based entity system using shared propertiesTotem is an Entity Development Kit designed from the idea of writing an intuitive API for Entity behavior and property definition through aggregation. An Entity consist of multiple components that defines it's behavior, while referencing necessary properties of the Entity required for each behavior to function. The approach originated from the realization that the most common relationship between components in an Entity, is the r

Image2css - Convert images (png, gif, jpg) to Data URI CSS classes

Image2CSS-Converter has moved to github.comnew location The purpose of Image2CSS-Converter is to stream-line the process of generating data URI for use in CSS files. There are several online tools that allow you to upload images and receive a screen full of Base64 text. This tool allows you to batch script the process on your own machine. Features: Command line interface for Linux or Windows Generate CSS file containing Data URI CSS classes Convert single file or entire directories of images to

Obj-php - Object-oriented PHP

Объекты: String, Map, Number - аналоги примитивов string, array, float+integer из PHP-Core ОпиÑ�ание, ПреимущеÑ�тваВ отличии от большинÑ�тва извеÑ�тных оберток(в том чиÑ�ле в отличии от вÑ�троенного ArrayObject), которые еÑ�Ñ‚ÑŒ только "демонÑ�трацией возможноÑ�тей" и базируютÑ�Ñ� на рефлекÑ�ии и лени автора - даннаÑ� Ð

Dt-grid - The DT-Grid is a data structure for high resolution level set simulations.

IntroductionThe DT-Grid is a data structure for representing and simulating high resolution level set surfaces. The memory usage is proportional to the size of the narrow band as opposed to the volume of the simulation domain, and in addition the DT-Grid performs relatively fast due to cache coherency. The DT-Grid and derivative work have been used in many applications ranging from surface processing to fluid simulation. Furthermore the DT-Grid has been used in movie production, e.g. to create f

Fdtd-axially-symmetric-dielectric-lens-sphere - FDTD code for axially symmetric structures. Structur

%This program simulates the scattering of plane waves by a dielectirc %biconvex lens and a dielectric sphere %the wavelength of the incident wave is 1 micrometer %Karl Barth Alejandro %output: intensity plot of the total electric fields in the computational % space clear disp('simulating...'); c=2.99792458e8; mu0=1.0*pi*4.0e-7; eps0=1/(c*c*mu0); lambda=1e-6; dz=lambda/10; dr=lambda/10; ds=lambda/10; fs=c/lambda; omega=2*pi*fs; dt=dz/(2*c); KE=dt/(eps0*dz); KH=dt/(mu0*dz); ia=600; ib=ia+1; ja=180

Fdtd-axially-symmetric-dielectric-optical-fiber - FDTD code for axially symmetric structures. Struct

%This program simulates the propagation of a gaussian beam in an optical %fiber %lambda0 is the incident wavelength clear c=2.99792458e8; %speed of light in free space(m/s) mu0=1.0*pi*4.0e-7; %magnetic permeabilty eps0=1/(c*c*mu0); % electric permeability lambda=400e-9; sample=10; %number of samples per wavelength dz=lambda/sample; %space increment dr=lambda/sample; ds=lambda/sample; lambda0=450e-9; %wavelength of the source fs=c/lambda0; %frequency of the source omega=2*pi*fs; dt=ds/(2*c); KE=d