Tools for Creatures3 and DockingStation

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A collection of progmodes for vim and xemacs, programs and shellscripts that make developing for Creatures3 and DockingStation on Linux and Windows easier.



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OpenCTM is a file format, a software library and a tool set for compression of 3D triangle meshes. The geometry is compressed to a fraction of comparable file formats (3DS, STL, COLLADA...), and the format is accessible through a simple, portable API

FreeRTOS Real Time Kernel (RTOS)

Market leading real time kernel for 32 microcontroller architectures

Pymax - Integration of Python and PyQt into 3ds max

PyMax is originally developed by Blur Studio as Py3dsMax. But, Py3dsMax and other tools are not opened since 03/29/2010. Then we decide to maintain by own. OMFG...Blur guy is back!! That's very good news for artists. We will survey latest Py3dsMax and decide what we do ;-) How to InstallDownload archive, extract and copy blurQT.dlx and pymax.dlx to plugins directory set PATH and PYTHONPATH environment variable to python and Qt directory like: launch 3ds max have a fun!! !!!!NOTICE!!!! 3ds max 20

Salmon-viewer - 3D Model Viewer

OverviewSalmon Viewer is a 3D model viewer (currently only 3ds files). It is written in C# and runs on Windows, Linux, and OSX. Models are rendered in OpenGL using the Tao Framework. This viewer is a good tool for learning OpenGL. UsageThe viewer must be used from the command line with a single argument which is the path to the 3ds file: SalmonViewer.exe c:\\path\\to\\file.3ds Mono users would preface that command with 'mono' Once loaded, you can interact with the interface with the following co

Metro2033-tools - A couple of tools to extract and modify resources of the Metro 2033 computer game.

Project NewsMay 16, 2011Maya 2012 and 3ds Max 2012 import plugins has been released. April 17, 2011Added .dds texture loader. Now at the first time plugin is try to load .dds image, if it fails to be loaded, then it's try to load .512 image. Also fixed face normals for Maya plugin. April 9, 2011Fixed issue with wrong level geometry texture coordinates. April 3, 2011Maya 2011 import plugin has been released. Fixed issue with level geometry naming in Maya plugins. March 11, 2011Level geometry impo

Versus - Versus Online

Versus Online ProjectAn online gaming system which is easy to install, simple to use and can update by modules. The system means to support thousands of games, from 2D puzzle to 3D MMORPG. Currently, it only has a 3D Chinese Chess game =). Compiler: C#.Net Tools: Visual Studio .Net 2008 Photoshop CS3 3ds Max 2008 OS: Windows Status: Alive Latest stable version: v0.1 r10 r7 update details: - Add chess pieces movement for most pieces (except canon) - Add selector - Improve server Graphic Interface

dialup service 3

Ds3 is tool for sharing one dial-up connection in local network. Each user run ds3 client, by which control dial-up line. User may invoke admin defined events on ds3 server. Ds3 have support for on-line counting cost of connection (by libtelecom package)

Awd - Away3D Data file format

The AWD projectThis Google Code project contains the open specification and open-source tool-chain for the second generation AWD file format. The format is currently under development, and public beta is expected alongside Away3D 4.0 in early 2011. The tool-chain so far comprises the following components, all of which are currently in development: libawd: A C++ library to (greatly) simplify encoding of AWD files PyAWD: A Python toolkit, offering a pythonic way to work with AWD files. Can be comp

Blopengine - basic c++ opengl 3d engine, bunch of handy classes

What is itThe blopengine is just a basic C++ 3d framework, just some bunch of usefull classes. Its trying to give you an easy 'start' for your demo/game whatever. Its just a basic rendering loop and some loading of files. It has some OO MVC thingies, which can provide clear code or no benefit at all. Since this is abandonware, there might be some interesting classes for you. Features3DS model import fontmap support 3DMAX plugin for exporting camera chases logging & output methods MVC characteris

Blur-dev - Blur Studio API's, Libraries and Tools

4.25.2012 - Installer OverhaulOverhaul of the installer to simplify the install experience. It now checks for the proper installs of python and pywin32 and if not found it will install them. It will select the installed versions of 3dsMax by default, and default to the correct install location. It now patches pywin32 to work with xsi. Removed the installers for Qt-Dev and Classmaker, this drops about 88 megs from the installer size. These installers will be provided separately. Unified the vario