Construct2 Windows 8 Platformer Template

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A template for a Windows 8 platformer game built for Construct2. Get Construct2 from



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it gives some kinds of output format,e.g. regular text , xml or others you can implements form the interface. sometimes you want to print message, printf is too simple, but some opensource logging system is too complex, then, you can try this, its a just enough logging system. default provides for you these methods: trace, info,debug,warning,notice,error,wassert,fatal,output and all the code is platform Independent, support win32 and linux, had tested with vc6.0, vc7.0, vc8.0, vc9.0, and gcc3.2

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MUIMUI, MUI mUsic Interface, is an open-source cross platform media player written using Qt and FMOD. Current status:version 0.0.3 (source) Public versions: 0.0.2 (binaries) CompilingLinux: Download and copy the FMOD .so files to /usr/lib and execute the 'makeall' script in the root MUI directory. Windows: Download and install FMOD. Run the 'makeall.bat' file. Known Issues:0.0.3: Some features broken due to code overhaul (fixed) Does not accept/render files with unicode filenames For some files,

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