Terminal-based sudoku-solver

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This is a small text based program, written in C, which can solve the popular sudokus.




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Sudoku assistant, generator, and solver for OS X

Cppsudoku - A Sudoku Generator/Solver in C++

A C++ library that allows one to generate and solve Sudoku's.

Su-doku-solver - C++ program to solve Sudoku

This is a C++ program to solve Sudoku. The inputs for the sudoku are given in the program itself. Edit the array in the source code to input the values for the new sudoku problem.

Stima-sudoku-solver - Sudoku solver using brute force algorithm

Sudoku solver using brute force algorithm made using C++ and Code Blocks 10.05

Sudoku-solver-csharp - Sudoku solver project developed in C#

IntroductionThis project is about the development of a C# application to solve the sudoku. Screenshots DetailsBuild 1.0 - Solve 9x9 sudoku puzzle. System Requirements- OS Windows - .NET Framework 4

Bnv4ukl - sudoku solver ( 9 X 9 ) puzzle solver , an AI system

it is a sudo ku solver made in C to solve the sudo ku puzzle but is not graphical so you have to change the input whenever you want to change the input puzzle.

Sudoku-solver-generator - Any type of sudoku puzzles can be solved with this...........

Language used here is C# (Visual Studio 2008). This SuDoKu-Solver-Generator can be used to solve any puzzle, i.e it may be of any level (easy,medium,hard or diabolic). And also it can generate puzzle for the selected level, hints are also provided if the player gets sucked in the middle while solving the puzzle.

Sudokusolverpsp - Sudoku Solver for Playstation Portable

README Sudoku Solver ITASudoku Solver è un port del programma originariamente sviluppato per O.S. Windows da Claudio Mura sotto licenza GNU. Lo scopo principale di questo homebrew è quello di risolvere il famoso gioco di logica giapponese "Sudoku", compilando manualmente la griglia utilizzando il d-pad della Playstation. L'homebrew si divide in due modalità: La prima modalità prevede la risoluzione della griglia partendo da un file testuale "schema.txt", in esso i valori dello schema dovrann

YasSS - Yet another simple Sudoku Solver

YasSSS (Yet another (simple|stupid) Sudoku Solver) is a command line sudoku solver and generator. Features: Number of solutions, difficulty rating, generates a canonical form for a Sudoku. It also provides a curses interface for playing Sudoku.


This is a Sodoku, also know as Sudoku, solver and generator. It uses Qt4 for the GUI.