C-smile object-oriented language

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C-smile OOL is a scripting language with C++-like grammar. It has compiler, VM running bytecodes and C++ extendible runtime. Intended to run in standlone and embedded mode.




Related Projects


An editor for small organic molecules, written in C using gtk+. It can read and write SMILES and cml and can save to dia's file format. It is suitable for creating chemical molecule diagrams for lower level chemistry/ochem lab reports.


OSRA is a utility designed to convert graphical representations of chemical structures and reactions, as they appear in journal articles, patent documents, textbooks, trade magazines etc., into SMILES or SD file format- a computer recognizable molecular structure You can find links to the binary executables here: https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/osra/index.php?title=Download

Tranquility.Net (Wcf App Server)

Allows developers to host multiple isolated Wcf services within a single Windows service. You'll no longer have to use IIS to host all your services. It's developed in C# .NET. Your services with a smile.

Pocket-sml - PocketPC Sample Music Library (Pocket smile :)

This library could be usefull for mobile game development. The advantage of using library is low disk cost for music content.

Gaim Anti Smiley-Spam

This is a Gaim plug-in. It can block all the MSN smiles we don't want to see, filtering both the sender and the smile itself.

Jabirc - IRC and Jabber graceful lightweight client

JabIRCThis is a CIIC migration project from Pascal to C/C++. When conversion will be done, we'll work on adding new features and improvements. Features:Simple and friendly interface No need to install Animated smiles with sounds Few color themes are available Opportunity to set user status (want to talk, online, away, don't disturb) User gender showing (compatible with KVIrc) Flexible settings Frequent improvements and appearing of new features History Export as txt Program support on our channe


SMILE = Speech amp; Music Interpretation by Large Space Extraction openSMILE is a fast, real-time (audio) feature extraction utility for automatic speech, music and paralinguistic recognition research developed at TUM in the scope of the EU-project SEMA


Scriptable Multimedial Interactive Locations Engine, is a C++ written multiplatform engine designed to provide simple way to create 2D games and visualisations. SMILE consists of a shared library built upon SDL, data/ script interpret and Qt editor.

gSmile - emoticon manager

gSmile is an open-source emoticon manager, with which you can store your emoticons in (nested) folders and find them quickly whenever you need one of them. Written in Python, it uses the GTK+2 toolkit through the PyGTK wrapper.

Protostuff - java serialization library, proto compiler, code generator, protobuf utilities, gwt ove

Protostuff is the stuff that leverages google's protobuf. A serialization library with built-in support for forward-backward compatibility (schema evolution) and validation. available formats: protostuff (native) graph (protostuff with support for cyclic references. See SerializingObjectGraphs) protobuf json smile (binary json useable from the protostuff-json module) xml yaml (ser only) kvp (binary uwsgi header) support for messages that are generated by the protostuff-compiler (java_bean) cycli