FVM factory

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Tools to incrementally build customised Forth Virtual Machines for embedded applications. Token compiler converts token description into C code templates. PC console application includes FVM, it is used to compile and debug bytecodes for target FVM.




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OpenFVM is a general open source three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver (for Linux and Windows). It uses the unstructured finite volume method to simulate non-isothermal transient flow. Gmsh is used for pre- and post- processing.

f/VM (Free Virtual Machine)

A virtual machine inspired by the concept of IBM's z/VM. The goal is to create a secure, fast and reliable server platform with focus on security with the ability to nest more VMs.

Arduino-gpslogger - GpsLogger para Arduino

Monitoriza las tramas (formato NMEA) enviadas por un GPS conectado por el puerto serie y las guarda en una memoria microSD para su posterior analisis o uso en otros programas. Notas: Unicamente se guarda la trama GPGGA El programa no envia informacion por el puerto serie, solo lee. El fichero donde se guarde la traza de las tramas debe estar creado en el raiz de la tarjeta SD, el nombre debe ser en formato 8+3 y almenos tener un caracter. Esto es una limitacion actual de la liberia Arduino-FileL


A simple Forth VM for arduino

fvm2 - F Virtual Machine v2 - execution of Markov algorithm programs

F Virtual Machine v2 - execution of Markov algorithm programs