Vermilion Desktop Composer

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A unique desktop music composing application for PC/Mac/Linux/Android with a tracker style interface and a simple modular Java plugin based design allowing rapid improvement and endless expansion.



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top-news-buzz is going to be a news aggregator for the Google App Engine. You can watch the project's progress on where recent development-version should be deployed. It is written for the Python runtime of the Google App Engine. What exactly does top-news-buzz do?The general idea behind top-news-buzz is to provide a framework to set up a site that aggregates feeds from selected blogs or news-sites and evaluates the published news according to certain metrics. Th

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AudioReaper is a modular software synthesizer, like Buzz, Reason or Psycle, but its core is written in pure Java, using Swing as a user-interface. A modular software synthesizer is a piece of software that mimics the gear used in a recording studio. It uses one or more 'machines', which can be either instruments (like a Piano, or Keyboard) or effects (like Echo, or Chorus), and connects those into a logical flow, from instruments to effects and finally to the master. This is the actual output. B

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Quiz game for android phones based on Buzz for the play station consoles.

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Feedbook supports any RSS and Atom news feeds, It can also download podcasts saliently and play it within Feedbook. It integrates with Twitter and Google Buzz very well, you can send tweets/post easily and can also subscribe to twitter timelines/buzz feeds. Characters like #...

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This project demonstrates the Buzz firehose API by reading all incoming posts and categorizing the 'mood' of each. If you'd like to run your own copy, you need to make the following minor changes: In app.yaml: Change the app id from buzz-mood to your own id. In Update the CALLBACK constant to match your app id. The application will not work in the dev SDK because the callback will be unreachable from the hub.