Butler database framework

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Butler framework is a table-oriented java object model on top of JDBC that makes database programming easier. It also has a set of database aware swing components and a JSP tag library.




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Digital Music Butler

The Digital Music Butler tries to help you manage, organise and maintain your collection of mp3 files. dmbutler aims to provides a consistent, easy to use GUI for a variety of tasks that required different tools before. A CLI is also supported.


skiputler makes your Topcom quot;Butler 4012 USB VoIPquot; phone work on Linux and Mac OS X. It's a userspace driver which connects the phone to Skype.

Butler-ircbot - Butler - The IRC bot with Class

AboutButler is a clean, easy to use IRC-bot, implemented in Ruby. It supports hierarchic authorizations, plugins, localization, logfiles and sports a Telnet-server for direct connections. It also includes libraries that can easily be used to create your own bot or IRC-client. All of Butlers parts are under the Ruby or GPLv2 license. On IRCOn irc.freenode.net the channel #butler is dedicated for Butler, the IRC bot. SVNThis project's SVN repository can be checked out through anonymous access with

Epics-wfyi - Digital asset management system created by students in the EPICS program at Butler Univ

EPICS-WFYI is a group of students involved in the EPICS program at Butler University that is creating a digital asset management (DAM) system for Metropolitan Indianapolis Public Broadcasting using PHP and MySQL.

Py4012sip - topcom butler 4012 python control software (libusb)

python daemon to allow the usage of a topcom butler 4012 with as a SIP phone. It'll probably be a python port of the code found at http://ventoso.org/luca/topcombutler4012/ made by Luca Olivetti, meant to be used on platform where no FreePascal Compiler is available (for instance my MIPS router)

Digg - Code repository for code publicly released by Digg (http://digg.com)

OverviewWe have moved our code repository to GitHub. Any new updates will be done there. Come check us out and say hello. ButlerDigg has a bunch of web servers. One of the problems with running a bunch of web servers is that you sometimes need to get information from each one individually. Or maybe you need to run operations on each one individually. For instance, we use APC to cache configurations and other data. Without restarting Apache we can use Butler to clear configurations from APC or al

Torrent-movie-downloader - Auto Downloader for movie torrents

Automatic Torrent movie Downloader from torrent butler, according with your preferences. Prefs: Rate Year

Lackey-core - Your Own Personal Butler

Tell your computer what to do, and walk away. Life needs living! lackey-core consists of a rules engine, plus a plugin architecture that allows virtually any kind of input to have an effect on the system.

alfred - Node is your mansion, Alfred is your butler. Node.js key-value store

Node is your mansion, Alfred is your butler. Node.js key-value store