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A fully object-oriented Perl module that implements a shopping cart, and additionally provides inheritable classes that represent its content.



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Prestashop - Free Open-Source shopping cart software for Web 2.0

PrestaShop is a free, open-source e-Commerce shopping cart software that allows you to open your own Internet business in just a few clicks. It has more than 310 features include Catalog Management, content management, Product Displays, Site Management, S.E.O, Checkout, Shipping, Payments, Marketing, Client Account, Translations, Security, Localization/Taxes, Analytics and Reporting and lot more.

BigFish eCommerce - eCommerce and ERP solutions

BigFish is a world class solution that leverages the power of the Open for Business (OFBiz) open source project. OFBiz is the foundation for thousands of eCommerce and ERP solutions. BigFish extends, enhances and simplifies OFBiz. All the necessary revenue-enhancing features have been added to a solid, stable foundation. The solution is open, flexible, production-ready, and scalable.

Your online shop

Very fast navegation; dynamic shopping cart; very intuitive

Jawah-shopping - JaWaH Shopping is a simple shopping cart package designed to use Open symphony'

JaWaH Shopping is a simple shopping cart package designed to use Open symphony's WebWork / XWork, Hibernate, and Java (with a little JSP / JavaScript) on top of MySQL. There may be little need for another shopping cart package, but this implementation makes use of interesting frameworks and may be useful if only as a diversion or as an educational tool.Persistence is accomplished through Hibernate on top of MySQL. The goal is to provide a simple shopping cart package that can be used in the tech

Wpsm - Web Portrait Sales Management

Web Portrait Sales ManagementWPSM is a tool for portrait studios and photographers to sell prints to their clients online. It is currently in the early development stages, so stay tuned for alpha releases in the near future. Current functionalities:Client login screen Load photographs and client information from a password-protected XML file GUI for choosing a photo's properties such as size (or photo packages), quantity, which photo, and color or b/w Live preview during choosing the properties

Entjavaproject1 - enterprise java midterm project

Enterprise Java Midterm ProjectWelcomeProject Page for Enterprise Java Midterm Project IntroductionGuys welcome to our project site sa google !!!.. Kc we need google to host our repository kasi sa need pa confirm ni sir ung project natin. Eh lam nio nnman bka BUSY c sir joe hehe. DetailsShopping Cart. Still waiting for the template. Magpraktis na lahat sa pag cocode !!! nsa repos na ung mga folder sa exercises just commit and copy with each other nlang !!!

Jandytemplate - This is a template

An e-business template for Zen-Cart

Efoods - An eCommerce Site Backed by Web Services

The Business Model The Foods R Us Company is a consolidating retailer. It specializes in selling exotic food items but it does not stock inventory. Instead, it takes purchase orders (P/O's) from its clients, consolidates them, and then procures them from business partners who stock the items and provide them wholesale; i.e. the partners do not venture into the retail market. In this business model, Foods R Us makes money by benefiting from volume discounts (due to consolidation) and by marking u

Commerce4j - Java Based e-Commerce Application and Online Catalog Management System

Welcome to Commerce4JWelcome to Commerce4J a Java Based (JEE) Commerce (e-Commerce) Application and Online Catalog Management System that provides a basic set of functionality that meets the common needs of online businesses. Inspired by simplicity, Commerce4J is able to be modified, meaning that it can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business. Visite our Wiki for further information and features Screenshots :

Azulstackprof - Parser for Azul RTPM Stacks

IntroductionAzulStackProf is a command line application to parse Azul RTPM XML files. It is useful only for company using Azul Systems. This information comes from Azul website: "RTPM is a diagnostics and tuning tool instrumented into the Azul VM. [...] RTPM is always-on and has zero performance overhead". Zero performance overhead makes me think we can have a rudimentary profiling tool running in production for free. Great! Let's start... How does it work?Like HProf CPU profiling, RTPM periodic