BUSH - Business Users SHell

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BUSH (Business Shell) combines the capabilities of BASH, PHP, GCC, and PostgreSQL into a uniform design for rapidly designing secure, reliable Web templates. It can also replace BASH, has SQL support, and is a general purpose scripting language.




Related Projects

Memex Simulator

This project, the Memex Simulator, examines the ideas of the Memex and implements them as faithfully to Doctor Bush's original specifications as is possible given the small amount of information available on the as-of-yet unrealized physical design.

Jquery-joshbush - Josh Bush's jQuery Projects

Code is now hosted over at github: https://github.com/digitalBush

Python-calais - Python interface to the OpenCalais semantic annotation API

python-calais v.1.4 -- Python interface to the OpenCalais API This Python module is a wrapper around the OpenCalais API as documented at http://www.opencalais.com/calaisAPI by Reuters. It makes REST calls to the OpenCalais API via HTTP POST, then parses and simplifies the JSON responses returned by OpenCalais. You can then access the response data in a much more pythonic manner. The module has only been tested with Python 2.5. Dependencies: simplejson (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/simplejson) Bas

Event-bushes-tools - Bayesian inference tools for event bushes

Bayesian inference tools for event bushes

Gridworldtraffic - A traffic implementation of the gridworld library.

We will endeavor to create a traffic simulation program within the GridWorld environment. This program will keep track of traffic conditions and simulate driver decisions as well as run a series of traffic lights to control the motion of the cars and attempt to alleviate any congestion or stress on the traffic grid. It will be of use for developing an algorithm to account for traffic fluctuations and measure its effectiveness in an interactive environment. We will have a variety of actor types,

Simpleeventbus - Simple Java Event Bus

IntroductionThe Simple Java Event Bus is an "event bus" library implementation that helps to decouple highly dependent components by using a subscribe and publish type architecture. An event bus helps to simplify event communication between multiple components and promotes a more stable and simplistic decoupled interface between each. Event Bus PatternThere are many patterns devoted to reducing component coupling. An event bus is one such pattern where objects can "subscribe" to receive certain

Wordsvote - Bayesian Classifier for Words used in Congressional Record measured against Voting Data

Words Vote. "Words Vote." employs Sunlight Labs' "capitolwords" python library to obtain lists of words used by individual congresspeople during an interval of time (usually before a major vote). Also grabbing data for the selected and associated single roll call vote from Govtrack's XML records, it uses Bayesian statistics to determine which words are most informative in predicting a congressperson's vote. PurposeWe live in an age closely attuned to rhetoric. Political agents, when speaking on

Madcow - Extensible IRC/SILC/AIM bot written in Python

OverviewMadcow is an extensible python IRC bot with support for SILC and AIM. It is fully customizable and has a simple API for creating modules that extend its functionality. Madcow ships with modules that emulate classic Infobot behavior and many other fun or useful utilities. RequirementsPython 2.5 or higher If you wish to use Madcow with the SILC protocol, you will need to install the silc-toolkit and pysilc libraries. The memebot module requires SQLObject and a backend (MySQLdb or pysqlite3

Roman-empire - Roman Empire simulation game

Simple simulation game inspired by the old C64 game "Het romeinse rijk" as can be found in the book "Het Commodore 64 computer-spelen boek" (Robert Young & Roger Bush)

Box2dhx - Box2Dhx - Haxe Port of Erin Catto's Box2D physics engine.

Box2Dhx is a Haxe port of Erin Catto's excellent C++ Box2D physics engine. It's based on the AS3 Port of Box2D ported by Matthew Bush. So all credit belongs to them. This Port targets the flash and the nme/neash platform (cpp and neko). More Info on Haxe: http://haxe.org/