burp backup and restore program

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Burp is a backup and restore program. It uses librsync in order to save on the amount of space that is used by each backup. It also uses VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to make snapshots when backing up Windows computers.




Related Projects

Burpy - Extend Burp Suite in Python

Burpy is a Burp Suite extension that enables users to extend Burp Suite in Python.

Proxyshark - A tool designed to dissect and alter IP packets on-the-fly

This tool was created for audit purposes. The idea came from these debugging tools which act as HTTP proxies (Charles Proxy, Burp Suite, Paros, Web Scarab, etc). I was looking for a similar tool which could handle any protocol and pick up packets on-the-fly, modify them, fuzz some fields and re-inject them on the wire. In other words, some kind of Wireshark with real-time packet modification ability. Of course some tools already exist such as netsed, udpproxy and others, or even Scapy for layers

Cms-explorer - CMS Explorer - Discover the CMS components behind the site

CMS Explorer is designed to reveal the the specific modules, plugins, components and themes that various CMS driven web sites are running. Additionally, CMS Explorer can be used to aid in security testing. While it performs no direct security checks, the "explore" option can be used to reveal hidden/library files which are not typically accessed by web clients but are nonetheless accessible. This is done by retrieving the module's current source tree and then requesting those file names from the

Burpfart - Burps and Farts

The application makes a "Burp" noise when the device is held vertically upright. When held upside down, a "Fart" noise is emitted. Check your maturity at the door.

Buronix-realtime-pbx - Asterisk-Realtime PBX

{ BURP }Es un PBX para controlar directamente desde Asterisk-Realtime, con Bases de Datos mysqlasteriskrealtimeASTERISK-REALTIMEasterisk pbxpbx


Skavenger analyzes HTTP traffic logged by various Web proxies (including WebScarab and Burp) for indications of common web vulnerabilities such as XSS, CRLF injection and various kinds of information disclosure.

Intrinsec-android-ssl-patch - Utility used to patch Android applications to circumvent HTTPS connect

Intrinsec Android SSL PatchSummaryThis program can be used during mobile application assessment or mobile malware on android platform to patch the binary application (APK file) in order to disable SSL certificates verifications. The application communications can be analyzed through an interception proxy (Burp, RAT, Webscarab,etc.) This program is not intented for any other use. This program follow theses steps: Application decompilation Add required file to circumvent SSL verification Parse sou