Burn 360

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This is a frontend to ffmpeg and standard VCD/DVD ripping creation programs written in perl-gtk2. It is designed to enable (as seperate processes) ;VCD/DVD ripping;Any Media-transcoding that ffmpeg supports ;DVD creation




Related Projects

Linxboxisoburner - Simple GUI for burning xbox isos on Linux

This programm is an easy way to burn xbox isos on Linux. It is only GUI, which uses growisofs for burning DVD disks (http://fy.chalmers.se/~appro/linux/DVD+RW/tools/growisofs.c). Dependencies: Mono (.Net 2.0), Gtk 2.10.3, dvd+rw-tools. New ideas, suggestions, improvements, criticism and other feedback are welcome! XGD3 format support is added in version 0.5.0 I don't support piracy! If you copy games with this software, you must have the original and it's for your private use only! ВопроÑ�Ñ

X360burn - Burning xbox 360 iso files on mac

We need to set a custom layer break when burning xbox 360 games, and this is the only thing what x360burn does for now. This utility is a very basic GUI. You can use Apple DiscRecording Framework as well as growisofs to burn you disk images. Anyone who is interested in this project is welcomed to join in. We can add more features together. Finally we can write a software like ImgBurn on windows. The first release is based on Mac OS X 10.6 and 64-bit inte. Universal versions will be released late

Qisoburn - QISOBurn CD/DVD image burning frontend for growisofs

Qt-based, Linux GUI for burning image files into CD/DVD disks using growisofs from dvd+rw-tools. It was specially conceived to burn console game disk backups, specially Xbox360, since it allows a persistent layer-break setting.

Mech-arcade - Online, 3D, multiplayer, Mech shooter based on the Cube2 engine

Aim: The aim of the project is to reproduce the destructive joy of Mechassault 1, using the Cube2 engine. Background: Mechassault is a Mech shooter and was a flagship release for the much lauded Xbox Live service. The online play was some of the best. Microsoft did not supported the game well, and the future of the game was always grim. Microsoft have not made it 'backward compatible' to run it on the 360. It is rumored that the only reason the original Xbox servers are ran for so long was to su

bx360 - Xbox 360 backup burning script for XBMC

Xbox 360 backup burning script for XBMC


A GUI written in java to burn xbox360 backups on linux