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Create data discs with advanced data settings. Create video and audio discs, Burn will convert if needed. Create DVD-Video discs. Recreate discs. Burn doesn't reinvent the wheel, it uses many powerful open source Unix utilities and is also open source.




Related Projects

Brakejob - HandBrake helper to batch encode TV show DVDs with additional subtitle support

News(6/10/10) Version 0.1.1 released Improved support for finding the HandBrakeCLI binary. Also works cross-platform! OSX and Linux versions should actually work now Added --version option What is BrakeJobBrakeJob is a command line (CLI) "wrapper" for HandBrakeCLI that adds a few features missing from HandBrake, most notably smart batch encoding of TV show discs and batch subtitle support. BrakeJob scans the specified input folder for all subfolders containing DVD images. Each DVD is intelligent

Movie-star - cd dvd file cataloguing tool for movie files

Moviestar is an app designed to keep track of what's on what disc in your video collection. It'll even scan discs for you so you don't have to type anything in. It keeps an automatically saving database of what you have burned to disc and what spindle they are on. This is ideal for home movies. You can add movies by hand or in a batch by scanning the disc contents. Moviestar will also generate a report on what you've got in your library. Featuresdisc scanning + batch add report generation organi

Qfractals - QFractals - Fractal Viewer using Qt

This is a C++ program using Qt to view fractals of all kinds. Currently, there are apart from the mandelbrot set a few further fractals and a preset magnetic pendulum-simulation. My focus is not on speed but on feature-richness while retaining a good usability also for unexperienced users. I develop in MacOSX and sometimes test in Windows 7 x64. Features so farMinimalistic interface (to focus on the important stuff) Antialiasing (2x2 RGSS) Browsing mode (Google-Earth-alike real time zooming way

Eepe - EEPROM Editor for er9x FW

This program is targeted as an editor for EEPROM files generated by the er9x FW. http://code.google.com/p/er9x/ DOWNLOAD WINDOWS INSTALLER DOWNLOAD LINUX 32bit DEB PACKAGE DOWNLOAD LINUX 64bit DEB PACKAGE DOWNLOAD Mac OSX Installer Support Forum Thanks to an enterprising member we have a support forum: http://www.9xforums.com Please join and use for all your questions, suggestions and discussions regarding the er9x/eepe platform. eePe and er9x are free to use under the GNU v2.0 License. Feel fre


Burn. Simple but advanced burning for Mac OS X. This is an *unofficial* git mirror of the svn repository. See Wiki page for details.