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Announce :: Burglish Systems re-opening to public to proof/demonstrate about Burglish Systems for some reasons. Some sub projects are not available anymore. The contents in this page may change anytime without any reason. Warning :: http://zawgyi.googlecode.com is Hoax, Kyaw Tun and His folks steal codes from Burglish Systems without our permissions. Burglish SystemIntroductionWhat is Burglish System? Its the Input System and Various Language Tools for Burmese(Myanmar Language). Burglish System1 is not to encourage to type in Burglish Language2 (Burmese typed with Alphabets). It is for to type in Burmese with Burmese Characters directly with Burmese Keyboard or help user with Phonetic Input System using Dropdown Menus. Please see the screen shots. Burglish System contains various kinds of program like Input System for Burglish and Burmese, Font Converter, Word Breaker (syllabification), Burmese Sentences Sorting System, Burglizer, etc. Burglish System : Demo Testing Area for Core Engine http://burglish.com/ Not to confuse with Burglish Language and Burglish Systems. They are different things. Burglish System1 = This System Burglish Language2 = Romanize version of Burmese Language FeaturesBurglish System has the following instances or products: Burglish Type-A-Head Input System (Phonetic based Roman/Latin Input System for Burmese) - Demo Burglish Input Chat System - Suspended Burmese Characters Order/Syntax Autocorrection - Demo Burmese Font Converter System - fontconv - Demo Burmese Font Converter System for English Words mixed ASCII texts (started) Convert Beta Burmese Sorting System - bsort - Suspended Burmese Word Breaking System (Syllabification) - wbreaker - Suspended Burmese Patsints(Overlapping Characters) Normalization - pnormalize - Suspended Burglizer (Burmese to Burglish System) - burglizer - Suspended Burmese Orthography Data - ျမန္မာစာလံုးေပါင္းသ�္ပံုက်မ္း Download. The following Burmese fonts will be use: Zawgyi-One, Myanmar3, Parabaik, Padauk, etc.. Screen ShotsWeb Input Method Burglish Textpad Demo (Win32) Burgilsh Notepad ++ Plugin Burmese Input System Firefox Add-on DownloadsUse Feature downloads Tab for normally use For Developers, use Source Tab instead of Feature Downloads Tab, because all the codes are minified in Feature Downloads session. Collaboration ProjectsPrince Kanaung Converter Engine - http://kanaung.googlecode.com - use font converting codes and font mapping data Desktop application for Input System, - http://waitzar.googlecode.com - WaitZar System (only font converter part) KeyMagic - http://keymagic.googlecode.com (only regex parts, not sure it will include on later or not) Some other applications that use Burglish Codes without permission of mehahauni - hahauni.zawgyi.info (converter is me+ko ngwe tun code, http://hahauni.zawgyi.info/conv.js) zawgyi.googlecode.com - this is Hoax of Burglish, so no need to say their svn is just a copy of my codes. Users/Sites that using Burglish Codesmmgeeks.org forum input system various bulletin boards that has burglish menu system serveral blogs with on-the-fly converter menu ToDO ListCurrently, no new plan to do Discussions & Related ArticlesBurglish Forum MMGeeks Forum Fontconv Discussion Unicode and Code Conversion Burmese Input System Firefox Add On FeedbackIf you would like to suggest any burmese font(s) variant, please do let us know. We will add in our research and development. If you found any bugs or related things, you can an issue on this project. I can't guarantee for immediate fix but will have a look anyway. If you have any suggestions, please email me or post a entry at mmgeeks forum. no guarantee also. Requirements (Web)IE 6.0 (7.0 + not sure) / Sleipnir 2.6+ Firefox 2+ / Firefox 3+ Mozilla Seamonkey 1.1.0 + (I mainly tested on this browser, coz its fast!) Google Chrome Safari 3.0.0+ (Windows Version) Opera 9.50+ (Supports from Burglish System (Web) version 1.7.0) Licencing and CostThis software will be released under a free software license Artistic License/GPL. But I am the original Code owner, I may change or update the license anytime without any announcment. But you cannot sell the products that using Burglish including hardware. If you want to sell your modified products, you will need some agreements with me. Original CreatorMark, Soe Min MembersVictor, San Kho Lin - Myanmar Unicode & NLP, system features & analysis, and technical writer of project SaturnGod - Main Developer of MysteryZillion Web Text Editor Project & MMGlite Project Ther Geek - Skeleton Project for Burglish Text Pad in Win32 with VC++ Bashroan - Burglish Notepad++ Plugin & Burglish Textpad GUI Part & Font Converter Implementations in Textpad & TextService Framework Implementations Thet Twe - is the Main Developer of Burmese Input System Firefox Add-ons Each members has their own codes and they have rights to own their codes regardless of license RecruitmentThis is opensource and free softw




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burgilsh? burglish?

burg il sh? burg li sh? Are you looking for Burglish? go here http://burglish.googlecode.com

Wxpydict - wxPyDict

wxPyDictDictionary Lookup Program, based on wxWidgets, wxPython, Python, sqlite3, cburglish, and Myanmar Text Tools from Burglish Systems, currently mainly support for Myanmar Language based on Zawgyi Encoding. Download All-in-One InstallerDownload wxPyDict All-in-One Installer with English->Myanmar(ornagai), Myanmar->English(saing dictionary), and Myanmar Villages Directory(from Ko Nyi Lynn Seck) included Features (Quick)+ ျမန္မာလိုေရာá�Š အဂá�¤á€œá€­á€•á€¹á€œá€¯á€­á€

Fontconv - Burmese Font Converter

This page was changed to http://code.google.com/p/kanaung/ now. start from fontconv svn revision 24, it will migrate to new name prince kanaung at svn revision 2

Myroman - My Roman Character Database

This is the previously the database file used in Myanmar Input system - MyRoman, Burmese syllables input from English Roman based keyboard. Now it's been opensourced for further development. Any form of usage of this database needs to give credit to original author, Htoo Myint Naung and name of this project, MyRoman.

Waitzar - Romanized Myanmar Input System

About Wait ZarThis project has evolved, from a simple plugin which converts romanised Burmese to native text, to a solid multi-font system for typing Burmese at all levels of its computerized history: past (Win Innwa), present (Zawgyi-One), and future (Unicode 5.1). Community involvement has been overwhelmingly positive, leading to a re-thinking of the Wait Zar romanisation (now in progress), collaboration and support from several developers and forums, and a general positive attitude towards th

Kanaung - Prince Ka Naung - Unify Converter Engine

Prince Ka Naung - Unify Converter EngineIntroductionBurmese code conversion engine for various Burmese fonts encoded text data. Prince Ka Naung is a brand name chosen and which has community effort and building tool for the sake of better Myanmar computing and language technology aspect, as opensource/free software. Each developer may join in as each own prefer way of implementation and setup development environment (SDE). FeaturesConverter Engine defined that it can handle all kind of possible