The Bunny

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The Bunny is an anti-spam system that strives to find the best balance between effectiveness and the amount of effort required to maintain a running system. It aims to provide an ultra light-weight solution for the typical home user.



Related Projects

bunny - Bunny is a wireless. meshing, darknet that uses 802.11 to hide its communications

Bunny is a wireless. meshing, darknet that uses 802.11 to hide its communications

Blender-aid - Visibility and refactoring tooling for the 3d content creation suite Blender

Blender-aid is a tool that helps you manage Blender productions. Blender focuses on the creation of content. Blender-aid focuses on managing the content of a production. For example, Big Buck Bunny consists of a lot of 3d content. This content is located in many files. Using Blender to manage content across files is difficult, especially when the content is not part of a single scene (= technical representation of a movie script)

dbblast (Dust bunny blaster)

Dbblast (Dust bunny blaster) is a utility that automatically removes dust spots or quot;bunniesquot; from .jpg images. It also removes hot pixels. It can be run manually one bunny at a time or in batch mode from either a GUI or from the command line.

Graphbasedsurfacereconstruction - Graph-based surface reconstruction

Based on the paper: "Graph–Based Surface Reconstruction Using Structures in Scattered Point Sets" written by "Robert Mencl" and "Heinrich Müller" from the "Informatik VII (Computer Graphics)" institute of the "University of Dortmund, Germany". Stanford Bunny Euclidean Minimal Spanning Tree with Connected Leafs #4 (using 4 aligned scans) Stanford Bunny Euclidean Minimal Spanning Tree #3 (using 4 aligned scans) Stanford Bunny PointCloud Render #2 (2 aligned scans) Stanford Bunny PointCloud Rend

Moonbunny - MoonBunny is a rhythm-based game that's a sort of a mix of Star Fox and Guitar Hero

MoonBunny is a game featuring a boy dressed like a bunny that flies across a 3D panorama while collect rings in the rhythm of the background music. The gameplay is a mix of 3D space shooters like Star Fox and rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero.

Bunny Proxy

Bunny Proxy is a light web proxy for across filtering.

Projeto-jogo-cel - Bunny's rescue

Teste, ainda não serve pra nada.

Q42nabaztagapi - A .net API in C# around the Violet REST service for the Nabaztag wifi bunny

Q42's Nabaztag API is a wrapper around the REST service of Violet for the interaction with your Nabaztag or Nabaztag/tag wifi bunny. This library gives you an easy entrance to the Violet service with more specific feedback (what gone wrong) and more help (what is the input value for this param). Focus in this library was easy to use and support to the programmer because the original REST service is hard to program to and gives no feedback what goes wrong. FeaturesThe Wrapper API in a .DLL for in

Dust-bunny - Quick and easy link manager

Dust Bunny was created to aid laziness. The primary goal is a full featured manager for websites and programs. Though in very early alpha stages it still provides quick access to some popular websites. The project is mostly for me although you are free to edit the source code and contribute new ideas. It is programmed in Python 3.1.0. I am new to python so if you have anything you would like to help with please do so.

Carnivorous-cottontail - PITA takes over the world and removes all meat. Things have gotten so bad t

A beat-em-up sidescroller where bunnies are fighting against the oppressive PITA organization who have removed all meat from the world. Battle through the various PITA people and take the fight to PITA headquarters to restore meat to the people! The official wiki is located at: