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Boxfight-python - Boxfight game

A personal project still in pre-pre-alpha stage. Made with Python, Pyglet, Cocos2D and Box2D (PyBox2D) Objective:You control a box which would fight against other box ala bumper car. Until you win.

Pynxc - A Python to NXC Converter for programming LEGO MINDSTORMS Robots

Welcome to PyNXC!PyNXC is a project which converts python code to "Not Exactly C" (NXC) (http://bricxcc.sourceforge.net/nbc/) code, to download to LEGO MINDSTORMS Robots. PyNXC at a GlanceThe following program moves the robot forward until the touch sensor (bumper) on port 1 is pressed: def main(): DefineSensors(TOUCH,None,None,None) OnFwd(OUT_AC, 75) while SensorVal(1) != 1: pass Off(OUT_AC)Compiled and downloaded to the robot with: $ ./pynxc --download program_name.pyPyNXC GUI InterfacePyNXC a

Teddsdroidtools - Tedd's Droid Tools

AboutWelcome! This is an Android application I wrote earlier in the year to "fix" a few issues I was having with my new Droid and to have some fun tinkering around with the Android platform. I love my Droid but I don't like having to use the touch screen to answer calls. I like having a physical button to answer my phone with (go figure). Messing with the slider isn't always feasible... especially when my wife calls me while I'm on my way home from work in bumper-to-bumper interstate traffic. I

Fall-08-grp3 - Computer Games Fall 08 XNA Group game

Name - Einhander 2 (working title) Goal - Side Scrolling space shooter with ability to pick up some enemies' weapons. Video - this is a video of Einhander which I want the game to be based off (but not entirely a clone of) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Yn4semzHhc Mechanics - Player starts by picking a ship model. Initial design should include 2 ship types: one has 3 weapon slots but a weak main guns, and one with 2 weapon slots but a stronger main gun. Player goes through a level (or series of

node-bump - nodejs version bumper

nodejs version bumper

cfgf - archlinux haskell package bumper

archlinux haskell package bumper

bumper - bumper tool for FreeBSD ports

bumper tool for FreeBSD ports

bumper-pool - Game tracking system for bumper pool

Game tracking system for bumper pool

bumper - cms client

cms client


Early prototype of bumper car game for android phones. Very basic stuff completed in a class over summer of 2010.