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This program allows you to establish cryptographically secure and decentraliced conversations over untrusted telecommunication links and IRC networks.




Related Projects


WinBP is a windows version of the bulletproof program (http://sourceforge.net/projects/bulletproof/)

Wp-smf-bridge - WordPress and SimpleMachine Forum Bridge

WordPress and SimpleMachine Forum bridge used to keep users registered and logged in between the two PHP applications. I invite anybody using the plugin to report issues and help with the debugging and creation of this plugin! The more people that help make this plugin bullet-proof, the sooner we can make it so and the better off the entire WordPress community will be as a result! Please note that this plugin is not intended to be added to an already existing website! If you do add it to your we


Brag is a tool to collect and assemble multipart binary attachements from newsgroups. The implementation is bulletproof; ideal to run as a cron job. Supports uuencode, base64 and yenc encoded messages, and filtering based on subject.

Yat - Yet Another Toolkit by Rob Levin

YAT (for 'yet another toolkit') ObjectivesCreate general programming tools for simplified logging, error handling, utilities, etc. However, rather than being robust, these tools will serve more as pedantic examples of applying patterns (you can extend them to be more 'useful' should you wish to do so). Do the above in Java, Objective C, and perhaps other languages (time allowing) Keep these very simple and 'understandable', and supply documentation. Pedantic in nature, but extensible. I'm not su

Firestorm-bps - Bulletproof Studios Firestorm

Bulletproof Studios Firestorm development

BulletProof In-App Youtube Video Playback for WP7 using MMP : POC

Want In-App Youtube video playback in your WP7 application? Want a bulletproof parsing solution? Check out this POC for In-App playback and peace of mind!

Django-lineup - Django queue system for handling heavy background processing

Django plugable queue system for handling heavy background processing. Requires memcached, twisted, and parallel python Goals: easy to adapt bulletproof README.TXT | browse source

Iatragraph - Macintosh OS X projects with moderate internal comments for clarity

The included projects are fully functioning Mac OS X applications that I and others use many times per week. While they may not be generally useful in their present state, they contain chunks of code that can be repurposed as needed. The primary program included creates a call schedule for an anesthesia group. The rules are immutable from the API: The first call person is automatically assigned to third call two days afterwards by routine. The program tries, by random selection, to balance the n

async-rack - Makes middleware that ships with Rack bullet-proof for async responses.

Makes middleware that ships with Rack bullet-proof for async responses.

Css-boilerplate - A simple CSS framework.

Boilerplate: noun standardized pieces of text for use as clauses in contracts or as part of a computer program. As one of the original authors of Blueprint CSS I've decided to re-factor my ideas into a stripped down framework which provides the bare essentials to begin any project. This framework will be lite and strive not to suggest un-semantic naming conventions. You're the designer and your craft is important. If you prefer: { float: left; width: 240px; margin-right: 110px; }over class="colu