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Bulldog is a WFMC compliant Open Source, Apache style licensed workflow solution that runs in a J2EE container.




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Bulldog is a multithreaded ray tracing engine written in C++

Jobjects - An way to use PHP objects in JavaScript

jObjects is a Framework that let you create PHP objects in JavaScript and use them like if you where in PHP enviroment. Example// Set the URL where the calls will be madejObject.options.url = 'index.php';// Create a new instance of your class, called Perro in this example// and send the parameters in an array.var rocky = jObject('Perro', ['Rocky', 'Bulldog']);// Change the value of a variable in your instancerocky.val('nombre', 'Jorge');// Call a method with no results, and send parameters in an


BulldogCMS is OpenSource content management system with ambitions to offer state-of-art functionality.

Mashup-beussery-bulldogrss - Georgia Bulldogs RSS Feed

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Falconfish-scd - Shopping Cart Derby

This project was done as an academic project by students in Final Project at Full Sail University. The team consisted of seven programmers and five artists, and was completed in a five month development cycle. While making this game, we experimented with several technologies that were new to us. The first of which is a component-based architecture. Although we had never implemented anything like this before, we taught ourselves as we went. Another piece of new technology was the use of a navigat

bulldog - The repo for the bulldog tool

The repo for the bulldog tool