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Related Projects

Bgtv - Bulgaria Television Streaming Program

This project offers Free TV streaming for Bulgarians that aren´t living in Bulgaria. This project uses free sources of IPTV, for now 14 bulgarian channels. If you know more sources feel free to contribute with the project. Screenshot:

Otb-sources - Open Technologies Bulgaria, Ltd. Open Source Projects

This repository contains source code developed and maintained by Open Technologies Bulgaria, Ltd. and released as open source. Those are both original open source developments and proprietary code freed as well as upstream forks with custom changes. Despite what the main page says not all projects are released under GNU GPLv3. Some are GNU GPLv2, MIT or other licenses. For more detailed breakdown see http://www.ohloh.net/p/otb-sources/analyses/latest Project include: SUMU - Simple USB Multi-seat

Jfundamentals - java fundamentals Bulgaria training

Repository structure: /FirstName-LastName /FirstName-LastName/Topic1 /FirstName-LastName/Topic1/Problem1 /FirstName-LastName/Topic1/Problem2 ... /FirstName-LastName /FirstName-LastName/Topic2 /FirstName-LastName/Topic2/Problem1 /FirstName-LastName/Topic2/Problem2 ...

School-info-system - School Info System for schools in Bulgaria

This is a small personal project for a school system.

Bg-jug-resource-repository - Resource Repository of the Bulgarian Java Users Group

Хранилище на данни на българ�ката Java потребител�ка група (http://groups.google.com/group/bg-jug?hl=bg) Resource Repository of the Bulgarian Java Users Group (http://groups.google.com/group/bg-jug?hl=bg)

Vitoshatrade - VitoshaTrade is project for prediction of Forex.

VitoshaTrade is Distributed Artificial Neural Network trained by Differential Evolution for prediction of Forex. Project development is in Sofia, Bulgaria. Vitosha is a mountain massif, on the outskirts of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

LUG-BG Projects

A project of Linux User Group - Bulgaria

Schoolacademy - Telerik School Academy

Telerik School Academy - free software engineering training courses for school students and preparation for the Bulgarian National IT Olympiad

Bulbear - Bulgarian Bear Site

Site for a gay bear lifestyle in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe