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BuildNumber is a utility to add auto-incrementing build numbers to C/C++ projects. It is written in pure C for maximum portability but can also be used with C++ projects, and should compile on any platform. It is a simple solution and is simple to use.



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Genmake - Makefile Generator

Bash script to generate Makefile based on C/C++ source code files in current directory, using gcc -MM. Script contains support for: executables, static libraries, and dynamic link libraries, based on the output file format, automatic increment of build number on each build (the header file including the version and build number is automatically generated), several build targets - debug, debug profile, release, release profile, easily specifying additional flags passed to compiler, passing list o

Codebistro - Open Source components from CODEBISTRO LLC

General purpose components, tools and frameworks in Java that we are developed and using in our projects. We think these components can be useful for other developers, too. buildnumber Ant Task and Maven plugin base: Java base library misc: assorted Java utilities Maven repository for open-source artifacts which cannot be found in public Maven repositories: Dom4J JFree: JCommon and JFreeChart Download all the components with sources from the project repository. To reference the artifacts in your

buildobjects is an object based general purpose build tool

buildobjects provides a number of java classes that allow you to code your build process in a truly object oriented fashion. It is not forcing you into a certain way of structuring your code and projects. Instead it aims at providing useful building blocks. The rationale for using java was the availability of the full tool support to th build script. So when using buildobjects you get completetion, search for usage, and a fully featured debugger. Getting StartedDownload and install buildobjectsG

Maven-timestamp-plugin - Provides formatted timestamps for maven builds

AboutThere are a few ways to get a timestamp in your maven build. Unfortunately most of them make you jump through giant hoops. This maven plugin makes it as simple as 1-2-3 to create a timestamp at your disposal. Also, it enables you to use the syntax of SimpleDateFormat to form custom formatted dates. This plugin is maintained for legacy reasons only. The current versions of maven have a property called that has the exact feature set of this plugin. See http://maven.apach

Fnfo - Flash Deployment Information

It displays a summary of the current SWF file. Its accessible via context menu and it includes flash information. Features: Buildnumber system low footprint pluginable structure feedback form for customers (with screenshot of actual page) last errors Like it?

Teamcity-twitter-notifier - TeamCity Twitter Notifier

Teamcity Notifier for twitterInstalationdownload and place jar file into TeamCity\\webapps\\ROOT\\WEB-INF\\lib restart TeamCity Web server Configure your notifications Configurationtokens you can use in your build messages include #BUILDNAME# #FULLNAME# #BUILDNUMBER#

Msbuildteamcitytasks - MSBuild TeamCity Tasks

MSBuild TeamCity Tasks Project provides useful tasks that can help to interact build script with JetBrains TeamCity. Some of these features include displaying real-time test results and customized statistics, changing the build status, and publishing artifacts before the build is finished. Current Version: 2.3 VersionHistory There are following tasks implemented: BlockClose - Block closing message. BlockOpen - Block opening message. BuildNumber - To set a custom build number directly BuildProgre

jgit-buildnumber - Git buildnumber for Maven and Ant without Git CLI

Git buildnumber for Maven and Ant without Git CLI


This is clone of original buildnumber-maven-plugin which allow generate ${buildNumber} as integer instead of hash for GIT.