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Buildinator generates TFS Build definitions from an XML file, enabling canonical "templates" that make it easy to add or copy build definitions.



Related Projects


TV-Viewer is a frontend to watch and record TV. Designed for analog TV-cards working with ivtv, pvrusb2 or cx18 driver and others with a build-in hardware MPEG-2 encoder. The Gui is written in Tk, so it does not rely on a special desktop environment.


jeHEP is a full-featured programmer's text editor. This is the only JAVA editor with on-fly spell checking. It supports many programming languages and includes console for BeanShell and Jython. It has a build-in BiBTeX manager and LaTeX tools.

Jget - OSS alternative for QNAP's QGet

JGet is an OSS alternative for QNAP's QGet. Their application lets you control the download station using a desktop app, instead of their buildin webapp.

Urwidcmd - Text/terminal file manager written in Python using Urwid library

This project is a try of cloning Midnight(Norton) Commander or Dos Navigator programs. Main design assumptions: use pure Python use Urwid Library Additional features: build-in editor Status: In development Screenshot:


managedCUDA makes the CUDA Driver API available in .net applications written in C#, Visual Basic or any other .net language. It also includes classes for an easy handling and interop with CUDA, i.e. build-in CUDA types like float3.

D7c - an irc bot to play taboo

This bot is designed to be used an irc chan to play a party of a Taboo's famous game. it can be used easily : you must only modify a simple config file and it's ready. he can run on two mode : if it have the admin +o mode he switch the canal on the modered mode m and give a +h halfop flag to the leader. it's portable : i use libircclient and glib-2.0 to manage the connection, at this hour only the sleep() function is not portable but a #typedef will be build-in.

Mp-iplayer - iPlayer interface for mediaportal 1.0

iplayer interface for mediaportal using buildin player for flash file. Playing flash file from the bbc iplayer website already completed. Interface pretty much complete for BBC FLA_PLAYER now allows play, pause through remote control (shortcuts) on fullscreen --Working on Live streams. --Cleaning up Requested Features List: HD Content Live sport. Pick Shows ...maybe Genre. Doubt actual individual shows. Other Channels (ITV, 4, 5 and Hulu-Usa) Alpha Available. Feel free to raise issues regarding

Python-aosd - Python bindings for libaosd

python-aosdPython bindings for libaosd Introductionpython-aosd is a Python binding for libaosd, An on screen display (OSD) library, which uses Cairo to create high quality rendered graphics to be overlaid on top of the screen. RequirementsPython > 2.6 libaosd (of course) pycairo pangocairo Build requirementsPyrex or Cython headers for pycairo, libaosd and pangocairo Buildingpython-aosd uses distutils, so building it is as simple as running python buildin the root directory. Running pyth

Core2 - a library which extends the ECMAScript build-ins objects

core2: ECMAScript core objects 2nd gig core2 is a library which extends the ECMAScript build-ins objects: Array, Boolean, Date, Error, Function, Number, Object and String. Features: work with any ECMA-262 compliant hosts simple to use same API everywhere (JavaScript, JScript, ActionScript, etc.) fully tested (with ASTUce framework) code reflection (GetObjectPath, getConstructorName, getConstructorPath) code introspection (global.ToSource, toSource) (will be moved to edenRR) Infos: Current stable

Kadpeer - p2p framework with kad algorithm build-in

What is KadPeer ? KadPeer aims at p2p framework with kad algorithm build-in , and cross-Linux-distribution GPL Licence. kadpeer will be a rich featured, high quality and good performance VoD client . What does KadPeer hope to do? KadPeer will be next VoD generation with P2P framework. What can KadPeer do? Make VoD more rich featured,and convenient for Linux users. Where to get Source code and How to install Kadpeer ? At present, code has been maintained in and github. you can just ge