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build-o-matic is a continuous integration server which has some useful unique features but isn't particularly user friendly or polished.



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Javabom - A continuous integration framework supporting build farms and providing highly visible web

This project is being created as a Java based clone of Build-o-Matic a Python based continuous integration framework. The main reason for creating this project is due to the project creators total lack of Python knowledge. Also because it's kind of a cool/useful project. The aim for this project is to create a program which will automatically run and test builds upon noticing changes to the SCM repository. The program will be able to provide constant and immediate feedback on the projects testin

Slsculptrepo - The *UPCOMING* Best and *MOSTLY* Only Sculpt Repo

The Largest sl sculpt repository. Full credit given to the right full creator. SL Stands for Second Life. Sculpty stands for Sculpted Prim. How Apply a sculpted prim to a object? -Change Building Block Type. -Set it to Sculpted -Change the texture you see first to the one you want If the creator doesn't want other people full mod. Send a full mod version to Gr33NMouS3 Ragu (InWorld Helper/Friend) Zzylie Messenger (Me) . and im them what permissions it should be and they are stuck into a SL PRIM

Anidbtool - AniDB Command-Line Client

DescriptionA command-line application to hash files and add them to AniDB/edit their data. Can be used through "Send To" menu in the explorer interface as well as from the console. Never use that slow and buggy AniDB-o-Matic again. Use this slow and buggy command-line client instead. Written in Pascal/Delphi. FeaturesLovely command-line interface for command-line interface freaks. Strict compliance to AniDB short-term timeout rules. (I.e. you will not get banned suddenly because you've made too

Make-O-Matic - Build Script Framework

Build Script Framework


Garden-o-matic is a tool we're building to help WebKit gardeners. This is a place where I can hoist UI mocks.

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