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Dynamic-dnsupdate - Web-based Dynamic DNS Update Program

DescriptionThis is a simple web-based dynamic DNS update program that can add, replace or delete DNS resource records in a master server. (very user friendly) This program is developed based on a PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository)'s package Net_DNS without using a PHP's external program execution function (system). This program is very useful for individuals or SMEs' DNS administers who want to manage their DNS resource records easily. PrerequisitesApache 2.x.x PHP 5.x.x PEAR Net_DN

Flipkurl - A PHP-cURL based API/Library to access Flipkart.com online book shop

What is flipkurl ?Flipkart is an awesome india based online book shopping site. Flipkurl is a php - curl based library to access the contents of flipkart.com site, login into it, search book listings, add books to cart, move books from to wishlist, read contents of cart, etc. Usually shopping carts don't persist the user's selection across logins, but this one does. So whatever books you add via the library will stay in your account, so you can checkout/pay later from there. What can it be used

Chipmunk-freebasic - A port of chipmunk game physics to the FreeBASIC language

SummaryWelcome to the home of the chipmunk game physics port to FreeBASIC. My goal of this project is to maintain both the headers for FreeBASIC, as well as win32 and linux binaries. The windows version was compiled with Code::Blocks (the download also includes the project file and instructions), and linux was compiled against 2.6 of the kernel using cmake and make. LibrariesOutside of chipmunk, there are no other dependencies. The demos included with the regular chipmunk package use GLUT, but t

Projet-ift215 - Projet pour le cours IFT215

Liste de bugSi on veut modifier les groupes d'un utilisateur et on fait ok il recrer lutilisateur et met un msg derreur comme quoi le user existe deja. Aucun gestion de la modification de groupe via le bouton OK dans new Contact. Les boutons n'ont pas l'option enable(true) et enable(false) de gérer. pour qu'ils soient grisé => en fait on veut pas griser les boutons, parce que ça pose d'autre problèmes plus chiants. le mieux est d'avertir l'utilisateur que le contact existe déjà ou que les

Mediabrowser-rc - Remote Control for mediabrowser

MediaBrowser-RC is a web based remote control for media browser. Tested on the iPhone running iOS 4, but has also been said to work on android devices. Please note this is very beta, this is for testers only. If you download please give back to the community by posting bugs. New in version 0.3 iPhone streaming Installation instructions: Installation FeaturesNew in version 0.4Works with Media Browser v. 2.3.2 New in version 0.3Works only with Media Browser v. 2.3.0 Stream movies from MediaBrowser

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Simple issue tracking

bugsy - C programs by bugs

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bugs.ie - Open bug tracker for Internet Explorer

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