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A suite of source and binary programs to test the capabilities of code analysis tools. A reference implementation of x86 binary analysis in C# is also included.




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Django-pybb - Python bulletin board

PYBB is a single django forum application that should be easily integratable to existing django projects. If you want get fresh code or submit a bugreport please visit official site http://pybb.org.

BugNET Issue Tracker

BugNET is a free, open source issue tracking and project issue management solution for the ASP.NET platform.

Powershell script - Hyper V (start stop save suspend shutdown snapshot)

Powershell script to manage Hyper V virtual machines (start stop save suspend pause shutdown snapshot). Here it is - a script that does it for you. Bug-Reports are very welcome. Usable for automated tasks. ***Comments and suggestions welcome*** Regards Daniel Capilla

Gaelocaltest - Help in localtest guice servlets and run task queue with such servlets.

OverviewIf you want locally test some TaskQueue and task was guicified you can use this project for this. StatusThere early beta release, bugreports are welcomed. Limitations in current release: tasks which failed with error just not removed from Queue, but no rescheduling were applied for them; you can run only all tasks in queue at once. MockHttpServletRequest and MockHttpServletResponse very primitive, so in some cases that maybe a problem(you can report if you get some). But in most(usual) c

Pybootchartgui - A gui for visualization of boot process charts.

pybootchartgui has been replaced by bootchart2Active development of the bootchart logger and the python gui continues on github as bootchart2 with Michael Meeks and Riccardo Magliocchetti as the main developers About pybootchart guipybootchartgui is a tool for visualization and analysis of the GNU/Linux boot process. It renders the output of the boot-logger tool bootchart interactively or to files of various formats. Bootchart collects information about the processes, their dependencies, and res

Ui-meter - Monitor UI usage and gather usage statistics

Introductionui-meter allows you to monitor any Swing application and gather usage statistics. This is done by installing probes in the application that will collect usage data and write it to log files or other backends. The framework is highly configurable and can be plugged into any existing application. MotivationIf you release a full featured software you often do not have a good knowledge of which features are used mostly by you users. Gathering usage statistics will allow you to improve yo

Urtsb - UrTSB - a Game Server Browser for the FPS Urban Terror

UrTSB is a Game Server Browser for the FPS Urban Terror ( http://www.urbanterror.info ) targeted to run on Linux and Windows (Mac-Users: if you manage to get Python 2.6 and PyGTK running UrTSB should also work on MacOS). Features: server search (master server query) filter results (including UrT specific gametypes) display server details - players (with kills, ping) and server vars manage favorites - add/remove servers to a favorites list buddylist - manage a buddylist and search servers your bu

Theaquarium - a game without gameplay

The Aquarium a project by Hogent students - Stijn Duynslaeger - Kris Dehaudt - Mathias D'Haeseleer - Pieter Colpaert CONTENTS 1. INSTALL 2. TESTED 3. REQUIREMENTS 4. LICENSE INSTALL This is a Java project and does not need installation. All you need to do is cd to the project location and launch java -jar TheAquarium.jar TESTED The aquarium has been tested on several machines such as: Ubuntu 9.10 without compiz Fedora 12 Windows NT6.0 Windows NT6.1 Tested with: OpenJDK 6 runtime Sun java 6 runti

SmartLauncher - Application Updater and Launcher

SmartLauncher is a non intrusive application updater and launcher. It can update the desired application or the entire local application repository from a remote application repository. It is designed to work without having to integrate it during the development process. It is...