Bug Logging application

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This simple bug logging application make QA work as much simple as possible. Read news here http://buglogproject.blogspot.com With regards Rod Gurov SQA Engineer




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Buglog V2

A bug logging and tracking solution with file attachments and history of comments

Buglog - Free, simple bugs logging solution for small companies or open source projects

QATOTALApplication which basically covered all need for effective SQA work. I create this application based on my SQA experience. With every year SQA work going to more and more complicated side, and I don't want to follow this "dead way". SQA work must be simple, Then simpler then it is more clear and effective. My application web based. IIS + MSSQL With my application you can work ( create, update, copy, delete ) with : - Tasks ( good for management ) - Test cases - Bugs logging - Users - Chan

Cbbuglog - Coldbox plugin for BugLogHQ

This is a simple plugin that lets you monitor your Coldbox applications errors using BugLogHQ For more informations, please check : http://bugloghq.riaforge.org http://www.coldbox.org

buglog - Personal bug log, reference for all.

Personal bug log, reference for all.

bugLog - an aplication bug log similar to the one used on PSP

an aplication bug log similar to the one used on PSP