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BugBots is a cross-platform engine for experimenting in AI




Related Projects

Bugbot2009 - Lightweight Autonomous Robot

Just a code repo for our 4th year project. ENEL587, 2008/2009, Schulich School of Engineering

Supybot-bugzilla - A Bugzilla plugin for supybot

This is a plugin for the supybot IRC bot that supports querying Bugzilla installations, showing details about bugs, and reading bugmails sent from Bugzilla to show updates in an IRC channel. It supports working with multiple Bugzilla installations and can work across many channels and networks. The main bot using this plugin is "bugbot" on irc.mozilla.org and FreeNode IRC (though he is called "buggbot" on FreeNode). Getting the PluginI don't really do releases of the code, but the code is kept i

bugbots - all of our homebrew irc bots

all of our homebrew irc bots