Buddi Plugins

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A collection of third party plugins for Buddi (http://buddi.sf.net). By being hosted in a separate project, it is easier for third party developers to submit and modify code.




Related Projects


Current Track plugin will update your Gaim/Pidgin user info, available message or away message, and buddy icon from iTunes, Winamp, RealPlayer, WMP, Musicmatch, MediaMonkey, XMPlay, Yahoo! amp; Foobar2000 in Windows and XMMS, Rhythmbox, amp; Amarok in Linux.

Buddypress-sliding-login-panel - BuddyPress Sliding Login Panel

BuddyPress Sliding Login Panel delivers a fancy, smooth AJAX login experience for BuddyPress users. It also includes an account center with a full user menu. I put this plugin together based on the iRedlof Ajax Login by Rohit LalChandani but have completely re-worked it for use with BuddyPress. The plugin adds a tab to the top of the page to pull down a panel where the user can login. I wrote in a BuddyPress profile and account preview center for logged in users where they'll be able to check ou

Cloudbuddy - CloudBuddy is a free bucket explorer platform for Amazon S3. It is developed using .NET

CloudBuddy's official website - http://www.mycloudbuddy.com/CloudBuddy is a free bucket explorer platform for Amazon S3. It is developed using .NET 3.0 and C# for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Why an another Bucket Explorer ? CloudBuddy is not just a simple bucket explorer tool. It is a platform for people to quickly integrate or build features on top of CloudBuddy. It comes with a rich set of S3 User Interface API which can be integrated seamlessly with any .NET applications. On top of all t

Virtualbookshelf - share your books through Skype

Little Skype extension which allows you to see which books are available within your neighbourhood's bookshelf (your buddies).

Pybuddy - Python daemon to control your i-buddy

Instead of using your i-buddy (http://www.i-buddy.com) with MSN Messenger, why not use it to show other info? With pybuddy, you can control your i-buddy to do any of the supported actions: change head color, blink its heart, beat its wings, ... Example uses are: monitoring a website traffic (404s in red, 500s beating wings, 200s in green, ...), showing your project's continuous integration process, ... DependenciesThe daemon is written in python, runs on Linux and needs python-usb. Software usin

Advanced-buddy-search-perl-pidgin - Advanced Buddy Search Perl Pidgin

Advanced Buddy Search Perl Pidgin Install on Windows: 1. ActivePerl 5.10 (see under Downloads) 2. rep add gtk http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm (or with ppm gui => Edit => Preferecnes => sisyphusion) 3. ppm install Gtk2 4. put advanced-buddy-search.pl into your pidgin plugin directory (example ./pidgin/plugins) 5. (Re-)Start Pidgin and activate the plugin in the pluginlist Contact in german and english are okay. v0.2 v0.1 Example: /buddysearch buddyname

Firsttuesdayamericas - First Tuesday Americas

Conjunto de plugins, themes y widgets de Wordpress Mu 2.8.4 y BuddyPress 1.1.3 para el sitio web de First Tuesday Americas http://firsttuesdayamericas.com.

Achievements - Achievements gives your BuddyPress community fresh impetus by promoting and rewarding

Inspired by video game achievement systems, Achievements for BuddyPress gives your community fresh impetus by promoting and rewarding social interaction with challenges, badges and points. For example, reward users for commenting on a blog post or uploading a picture to their profile. For information, support, premium enhancements and developer documentation, visit http://achievementsapp.com/. Download the plugin at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/achievements/. UPDATE: We've moved to Github

Pidgin-knotifications - A Pidgin plugin that provides KDE4/Gnome/Growl for Windows notifications

KDE4, Gnome and Growl for Windows Notifications in PidginThis is a notification plugin for Purple/Pidgin that provides notifications through KDialog or libnotify, when: a buddy signs on a buddy signs off a message is received (if the conversation window is not focused). The purpose of this plugin is to offer a better integration of Pidgin and the KDE 4 desktop. Support for libnotify (Gnome style) is also offered as an alternative. An experimental version that uses Growl is provided for Windows.


A pidgin plugin that allows user to assign global hotkeys (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+g) for togglling buddy list and reading queued message. When quot;Toggle Listquot; hotkey is enabled, it makes the buddy list hidden from your taskbar and task switcher (similar to ICQ).