BlueTooth at Work

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BTLib package is a J2ME Bluetooth library usefull when developing applications for Java, Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. The other packages are individual applications utilizing BTLib. You can download any of them and run it in your mobile device.



Related Projects

DBBalancer - Middleware btw Database client and server

DBBalancer is some sort of middleware that would sit in between of database clients and a server. Currently the only server supported is Postgres, but the architecture is open to embrace more servers in a future. It's a connection pool, a load balancer and a database replicator.

Loljump - My projects page

Here, in svn, i will store my projects. BTW: licence = puiblic domain

Textbeans - Text2Java binding

Framework for plain text to java binding using expressive grammar(BNF+regexps) to specify binding rules. GLR parser with extensible disambiguation logic. Btw, this is university research project:)

Mysterymeat - No-nonsense, cheap branching, stay-the-fuck-out-of-the-way version control system.

will fill this in later we're .net btw on the client-side, server runs on gappengine ironically atm we cannot use our vcs as the version control system for the codebase, on account of not having yet written it. a most unfortunate situation, to be sure.

Jobeet-hg - A repository for Symfony's 1.4 Tutorial Jobeet

This is a personal repository for the source code of the Jobeet Tutorial provided by to learn how to use symfony framework. Also, my first time using mercurial -or any other CVS system- so things could get a little messy, but not that much :P. BTW, "symfony" is a trademark of Fabien Potencier. All rights reserved.

Cylon-detector - They are among us. Use this Android application to detect them!

This application takes a photo of a subject and performs an stochastic computational procedure to detect is he (or it) is a Cylon. (The Cylon characters are human-like robots that appear in Battlestar Galactica television series, btw). The project is for Android 2.1-update1 or greater. ResourcesThe zxing (Zebra Crossing) project has some work with frames from camera. We get some ideas and code from there.

Fizzbuzz - Enterprise Implementation of the FizzBuzz problem

Enterprise FizzBuzz is an application which I put together to test a variety of tools and techniques. I cam across the original problem specification at Print the numbers from 1 to 100 If a number is divisible by 3 print "Fizz" instead If a number is divisible by 5 print "Buzz" instead If a number is divisible by 3 and 5 print "FizzBuzz" instead Easy peasy. I wanted to do it the hard way. BTW the original blog entry describing why I did this is here

Icefusion - The Free ICEfaces Facelets Composite Components Set

ICEfusion is on the way to deliver a free Facelets Composite Components set for the ICEfaces implementation. 1.x was used in the first ICEfaces book based on AppFuse. 2.x will have its own stack, still using Spring, JPA, etc - and support JSF 2.0 some day ;-). BTW: ICEfusion delivers the code base for the ICEcube example application of my ICEfaces book from Packt Publishing: Order Support The lastest information can be found at Twitter.

Rapleaf-person-api-php-library - Rapleaf Person API v2 PHP Library provides an API by which it gives you a bunch of details once supplied with an email ID. This of course includes their awesome reputation scores and the ability to get a bunch of information about people and the social networks they belong to. This project is an small PHP library to support this API. To get started download the zip file featured on this page and go through the readme.txt BTW, I'm also looking for feedback on this. So please email me at cheerfulguy AT gmail or go to t

Urldb - UrlDB is a tool to capture, parse, store & regurgitate urls

UrlDB is a little project to capture URLs in a database. Captured are both the full URL path, as well as the discrete parts of the URL. From there, the DB can be queried and transformed. The inspiration is that I need a way to save off web service calls from an existing application, for use in testing a new (different) version of that application. (BTW, the application is a trip planner). Anyway, I need a way to first capture existing calls (HTTP GET style URLs) to the service. Then I need to tr