BTnode System Software

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The BTnode is an autonomous wireless communication and computing platform based on a Bluetooth radio and a microcontroller. It serves as demonstration and implementation platform for research in mobile and ad hoc (MANETs) and distributed sensor networks



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This program will help you visualize different algorithms (example: sorting) and data structures (example: binary search tree). You should see changes in the data structure during execution of an algorithm, in the form of an animation. Hopefully this will make it easier to understand algorithms and data structures.. Another purpose/use of this project is to learn different classes and functions offered by OpenSceneGraph. $ makeg++ -Wall -g -c main.cppg++ -Wall -g -c btnode.cppg++ -Wall -g -c sce

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Bluetooth for All!The aim of this project is to support devices for which the OS either does not provide a Bluetooth Stack or the available stack is severely limited (e.g., on the iPhone - more than 2.5 million installations). In addition, BTstack is well suited for small, resource-constraint devices such as 8 or 16 bit embedded systems as it is highly configurable and comes with an ultra small memory footprint. A minimal configuration for an SPP server on a MSP430 can run in 32 kB FLASH and onl

btnode - Lightweight node.js BitTorrent tracker software, currently very pre-alpha.

Lightweight node.js BitTorrent tracker software, currently very pre-alpha.