TahirCakmak.com - Extraordinary Ideas

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This project contains some Extra oradinary solutions for difficult software problems.. Article's are in Turkish Language www.tahircakmak.com




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This page is for windows hacks, linux hacks, mac hacks, iPhone and iPod touch hacks and pretty much alot of technical stuff

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bss project test repo used for testing project ideas.

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Help the mantainer of BSS system to config the CRM module easier.

Bss-util - Black Sphere Studios utility library for C/C++

This is a collection of miscellaneous utility code used to simplify common tasks in C/C++ programs. Generalized linked list manipulation Allocators with a state Logging INI parsing Reference counting Mutex manipulation Array-based linked list Threaded red-black tree implementation AVL tree implementation DLL-friendly simplified dynamic array implementation Array-based stack implementation A lockless queue x86 assembly for CMPXCHG command A templatized khash implementation Command line parsing Fi

Iphonetunnel-usbmuxconnectbyport - USB mux TCP tunneling and basic iRecovery functionality without l

Use to forward SSH via USB Windows: iTunes 9.2 or newer REQUIRED! Mac: Intel Mac with newish iTunes (9.1 is probably not required, but recommended). Usage: iphone_tunnel --tunnel [--iport <iPhone port>] [--lport <Local port>] OR: iphone_tunnel --autoboot to kick out of the recovery modeOR: iphone_tunnel [--ibss <iBSS file>] [--exploit <iBSS USB exploit payload>]\t [--ibec <iBEC file>] [--ramdisk <ramdisk file>]\t\t [--devicetree <devicetree file>] [--kernelcache <kernelcache file>]